3.5 Hours Down The Drain! (No Spoilers, Just a Name of A City)

Uhg, if this game wasn't so awesome I'd be pissed right now. About 3 and a half hours in, I ended up going to Primm for the quest, and I had a faction suit on (being generic here to avoid spoilers) and completely forgot about it. Walked into a building of friendlies who didn't like the faction of the suit I was wearing and blammo, instant death (at level 3 with no damage resist, not hard). Thing about it is, I had only my autosave going. I usually only save when I'm ready to call it a night. Since this was the early part of the game, I had no other saves than the autosave so of course, when I walked in the door of the place it autosaved! >.< 

I've tried running out the door, taking off the faction suit, and walking back in but that doesn't work. Oh well. It was hella fun anyways, so I don't mind starting over. At least it wasn't 10 or more hours! Honestly, by then I would have been manually saving.

Let this be a lesson to others, save often and pay attention to what you are wearing. Faction suits add a whole new aspect in the challenge department.


Why Are Achievements So Addiciting

I'm addicted to achievements and I don't know why. Be it in a game like World of Warcraft. Or on a console like the Xbox 360. Even on a website like Giant Bomb, which is totally why I'm posting this.  I always feel like I've got to get them all, even though a lot of them are really tough.


Time to Begin the Daunting Task of Building Game Lists

On GameSpot, I spent quite some time building up my owned, wishlist, and tracking game collection. And now that I no longer wish to use that website I have the urge to build said list here. But, I have to ask myself, is it really necessary? No, not really, but for whatever reason I want to. Go figure. So I will try to do so hoping that GiantBomb has, at least, most the games I have in my GameSpot collection.