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Let's change the topic to "Hey you.. yeah you.... STOP ___________!" and then add "When playing assault, if you're being shot at, please do not attempt to revive me. - Thanks, Battlefield Community" ;)

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I wish it were better as well. Who knows, maybe one day after they workout the initial round of bugs and optimizations.

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It's not actually setup that way for fear of uneven teams (or extra infantry) if you were to switch. Believe me, a really good commander makes a hell of a lot more difference than one extra foot soldier. That being said, it works that way because each server can have 64 infantry, 2 commanders, plus spectators (like how the GB server is setup). So if you're a commander on an server that's full up on infantry, you can't just switch over. Also, even if it's not full, when you're the commander, behind the scenes the server handles your connection a little differently and on you computer it loads up an entirely different setup. So to switch over would mean the game having to unload and reload (and probably doing something funky with your connection) anyway so you'd still have to wait.

Don't forget, this game and it's code is massive. Some may think that it should be just as easy as switching teams to leave the commander position, but there's probably a lot more to it than that.

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@rolyatkcinmai said:

Seems hit or miss. It's not specific to our server, but it's a bug that surfaced Thursday night and has been happening to lots of people since. Logging out of Battlelog and Origin tends to fix it.

Okay, I'll give that a try. Thanks.

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Is there something up with the server? I've been playing on it for the whole week, but last night and again today I'm getting:

Game disconnected: could not join server.

I can join other servers just fine however.

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Just the cart in okay condition, probably like $10. if you have everything (manual, map, sleeve) like probably $30-$40. Just depends on the collector. There's probably not many "serious" Nintendo collectors without a copy of this game.

That sounds about right. If there weren't a hundred ways to obtain a copy of this game then it'd probably be worth a lot more. But at this point, all you'd really be getting is gold plastic.

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I'll pick the the disc. I made the mistake of choosing download for the God of War: Origins Collection and spent an entire weekend downloading, then installing them. Never again!

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I already have all those games on the Virtual Console (as well as the other Super Mario games), but I don't know, I might just have to get it for the extras and the fact that it's the All-Stars version of the games.

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Man, I'm not a kid anymore and I still find stuff like that picture outright hilarious. It had me laughing pretty hard. I'll never grow up, and I'm okay with that.