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i Still can't believe the news.

i have spent over 6 years listening to the bombcast and watching the quick looks. The Giant Bomb crew was basically a part of my life. Its difficult to see that one of the most wonderful and joyful guys of the crew has left us.

We all wish that this was just some sort of joke, or just a bad dream. Its not.

There have been few moments in my life where i have cried and this is one of them.

I can only imagine what everyone one else is going through.

Like many people, the bombcast has gotten me through some very difficult times. I only hope that they can do the same for me this time.

As i wipe away the tears as i type this i can only say that there is an empty place in my heart that Ryan has left.

China does care. We all do.

R.I.P Ryan

We will all see each other one Day.......