25 years of Elite

Happy 25th Birthday Elite and may you always be considered an outstanding game.
I honestly find it astounding that this awesome game had trouble finding a publisher because it didn't have a high score table.  Lucky Acorn Soft weren't of the high score table / three lives mentality and released it on it's original platform the BBC Micro.  I remember using the BBC Micro at school with it's distinctive black keyboard and orange function keys, oh man do I feel old now.
BBC Micro:
MOS Technology 6502 chip running at 2MHz (the same processor used in the Atari 800 XL , Commodore VIC-20 and the Apple IIe etc.  It's direct successor the 6510 was used in the Commodore 64).
8 colours
640x256 pixel resolution
4 channel SN76489 sound chip
A mighty machine and worth a purchase just to play some of the BBC's games.