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I'm glad that Burnout is finally coming to PC although I usually hate PC driving games, hopefully there will be support of joypads.

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lazyturtle said:
"I really don't see how the copy-protection is stopping anyone from playing the game. This sort of limit also (by the way) has also applied to music purchased on itunes, yet I've never heard any uproar about that.
 I see nothing wrong with a company wanting to make gobs of money by providing something that people want and protecting their investment. EA's goal is to make money, and they just happen to do that by making games. Making phat loot is the sole goal of EA and there's nothing wrong with that (since we can't all get rich by smashing chests and killing monsters). 
I'm not saying that drm is the the right way to go, but they have to at least try something (since they have a responsibility to the shareholders of the company). If what they try doesn't work, they need a new scheme. I remember getting games on my C64 (yea..that long ago) where you were asked to go to page 4 of the manuel and read the 3rd line of the 2nd paragraph. What did we do? we photocopied the book. Then you had to put a CD in the drive...what did we do? Made mirrors. It's a neverending battle becuase of the general lack of respect for intellectual and physical property that exists in humanity.
I can't say much about Itunes because I don't use it and I wouldn't use it because of their DRM.

I can understand why EA thinks DRM is necessary but what I don't like about it is when it stops me from playing the game I legally purchased.  I don't mind if EA makes a bucket load of money by let's face it releasing the same old **** but I do mind when it's at the my expense. 
Their whole attitude towards PC gamers sucks, I don't license or rent my game from EA, I brought it, it's mine. 
I don't install any game onto several PCs at once, I will make sure it's installed on one only, when I get a new computer it will be uninstall and then installed on the new PC.  EAs current SecureROM DRM allows you to activate it but not deactivate it once you've uninstalled it, commerical software has this function so why not games.  If the hard drive where it's installed dies then I have to reactivate it, if I get a new PC I need to reactivate it, based on that 3 and now 5 activations is going to run out quite quickly for some people.  When at the end of the activations i'd have to ring EA tech support and justify my install habits to a rep all the while being charged for the phone call.
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I myself would wait for the deactivate tool EA are supposed to be developing.

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Messed up on a few questions but still got 90%.

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Try updating all your hardware drivers.

I finished Crysis Warhead last night can't say I was that impressed by it.  My ATi 4870x2 runs like a dog on that game, I was getting 21fps with Catalyst 8.7 drivers, I updated to the Catalyst 8.8 drivers and the fps doubled.  ATi seriously need to sort out their drivers.

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DRM is a necessary evil but when it stops legit customers like myself playing a game is infuriates me.  I do not want to have to justify my install habits to a EA tech rep on the phone, especially while there charging me a fortune for the call.  It is my game, I brought it and as long as I don't distribute it to anyone then i'll do what I like with it.

The deactivation tool should have been made available from day one, commercial software has it so why not games.  They should also make a deactivate tool for their other games as well such as Mass Effect and the forthcoming Red Alert 3.

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DRM is a necessary evil and it's not going away any time soon.  What I really don't like is when this stuff stops legit customers like myself from playing the game.

The deactivate tool should have been available from day one, yet again EA shoot themselves in the foot.  I think most people will be happy with this compromise, after all it's better than nothing.

I just hope EA learns from this experience but I won't hold them breath.

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I use a Razor Diamondback.  It's not a bad mouse, I have reload and knife mapped to the side buttons.

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I don't think turning off system restore is a very good idea.  Changing the limit on the space it can use fine but disabling it can make it harder to fix Windows when something goes wrong.