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I'm still playing it off and on.  I go through stages of playing multiplayer for a couple of weeks, moving on to another game and then going back to COD4 multiplayer.

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Quite a few games are tweaked before they're released, it's just one of those things.  Get over it and move on.

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Everybody has an accent, there are thousands of them.

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The later versions of SecureROM are a lot better than the earlier version they were horrible.  I don't like the idea of renting games from them though, which is essentially what the DRM is.

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I installed Stalker Clear Sky a few days ago and in the Clear Sky base I was very disappointed to be getting 21 fps.  Game is set to full AF, high settings, 1280x1024, no AA.

System specs:

QX6850 Extreme
BFG Nforce 680i SLi
768MB Geforce 8800GTX

I was looking into a BFG Geforce 280 GTX.  The new ATI 4870 X2 has been suggested to me but it seems kinda expensive.

Any thoughts?

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It's a decent card.

I was looking into a BFG 280 GTX as Stalker Clear Sky on my 8800GTX gives me between 21 and 30 fps in the Clear Sky base.

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Lemegeton said:
"Kung_Fu_Viking said:
"Why do you think that certain perks, say, Juggernaut  or Martyrdom or any of these other perks you consider to be "nooby" shouldn't be in the game. Just because you don't like them doesn't mean the person using them is any less skilled or anything like that.

Y'know I really don't like snipers in this game but that doesn't mean I think all sniping weapons should be removed from the game. I don't think that players that use this particular strategy are "noobs" because they hide away and kill from a distance. It's just another way of playing the game, another strategy to use and it's exactly the same for perks.

i could not DISAGREE more. using perks like Martyrdom and claymores is a clear sign that you suck at the game. if a person was skilled at the game they would not need to use these perks to get kills. Indirect kills are fucking stupid. And you cannot compare these perks to snipers, yes snipers can be annoying but at least there is skill involved, they have to spot their target, line up and take the shot and have good reactions if they miss. Can you please tell me where is the SKILL involved in killing someone with a claymore or a martyrdom grenade
Claymores are a good way of locking down an area your protecting.
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There isn't a ratio on the PC version but it can be worked out manually.  I'm not what you'd call very protective of my ratio but I don't like when my deaths go up too much.

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AndrewGaspar said:
"The thing that bugs me the most about martyrdom is that it basically makes you a suicide bomber. How many U.S. Marines do you think would pull the pin on a grenade while they're on the ground dieing?"
It's only a game!

Marty is annoying in certain modes such as TDM when you get killed by a team mate.
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Clive Barker's Undying, Chrome, Rise of the Triad, Painkiller etc etc