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There's bigger things to worry about in life so I wouldn't worry too much about this Ryan. Everybody has probably offended someone at some point in their lives.

Ryan has apologised for using the word and now it's time to draw a line under it and move on.

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Jas C Brooke's actual name is Jason C Brooke. As Jas C Brooke is a nickname could this be added as an alias to Jason C Brooke and the pages combined.


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I really don't care what genre a game is because all I want is a good game.

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If you don't like the DRM policy of Ubisoft then don't buy the game or indeed any of their games.

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Glad to heard that it was at least a little bit successful.  DNF was an OK FPS game but certainly not the ground breaker Duke 3D was, which I thought was a great shame.  Hopefully if there's another one it'll be a hell of a lot better.
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I haven't played Counter Strike in years.  If this is any good i'm getting it.

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This is stupid!  How is anyone going to confuse two different games.  I know the difference and that's good enough for me!

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It didn't sell because it was crap, they took everything from the last game that made it good and removed it.  It's a real shame they just killed it off like that!

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Just in case anyone is having problems with the difficulty level of Eschalon Book 1 or 2 you can get a save game editor.   
This save game editor enables you to: 
Change your player attibutes,
Give yourself items (including gold),
Edit items in your inventory,
Give yourself spells,
Remove diseases from your character, 
Edit levels 
and lots of all stuff as well. 
I've used it and it seems stable enough but backup your save games before you use it.