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Being as it's three weeks before the launch there is no way they are going to reconsider dedicated servers, simply because it's too late.  They might be able to patch it later but I doubt they'll do that without some serious pressure from the fans.

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There was nothing wrong with the server browser from COD4.  I think Infinity Ward need to rethink their strategy.

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@Jeffsekai said:
" @zeus_gb said:  Thats pretty funny, also nice Ghost in the Shell avatar "
My GiTS avatar is from my proper animated gif avatar which unfortunately I can't use here.
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@Emilio said:
" I just wish this game's interface wasn't so shitty.  But thanks for pointing that out. "
Yeah I don't like the interface either.
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I got the email last week and the code worked fine.  Apparently according to the email I got early this morning there were problems with the codes given out for the free theme and they've issued new codes.

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Thanks to the people over at Bethesda i'm now the proud owner of a free Fallout 3 premium theme as well as some outstanding games.  Fallout 3, Oblivion, Morrowind need we say any more.
Guess I was a bit behind the times because I didn't know anything about the free theme until I got the email last week.  Only thing now is for Microsoft to get rid of the huge grey area at the bottom of the screen and make all the menus transparent after a few seconds (user configurable of course).

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Happy 25th Birthday Elite and may you always be considered an outstanding game.
I honestly find it astounding that this awesome game had trouble finding a publisher because it didn't have a high score table.  Lucky Acorn Soft weren't of the high score table / three lives mentality and released it on it's original platform the BBC Micro.  I remember using the BBC Micro at school with it's distinctive black keyboard and orange function keys, oh man do I feel old now.
BBC Micro:
MOS Technology 6502 chip running at 2MHz (the same processor used in the Atari 800 XL , Commodore VIC-20 and the Apple IIe etc.  It's direct successor the 6510 was used in the Commodore 64).
8 colours
640x256 pixel resolution
4 channel SN76489 sound chip
A mighty machine and worth a purchase just to play some of the BBC's games.

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Oh man, i've not finished the last one yet and they're bringing another one out.
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It seems every time I click on images link on the left hand navigation bar I get a 
Luchadeer Error 500.  So anyone else having the same issue?

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Most of the older C&C games have had an automatic place in my ever growing collection of games but this one i'm not too sure about.
I know that games have to change otherwise they feel stale but I like building a base, teching up and then blowing the enemy base to pieces.
Well at least it looks like it's got a walker in it.  Hopefully this one has better AI that the MKII had.