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It works in firefox3 on XP 3 (Adblock disabled of course) and it also works in IE7 on the same PC.  One issue is that old bug where is displays the wrong image is back. :(

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Travel is certainly an issue in Far Cry 2.  You drive across half the map to do a buddy mission and your buddy gives you a mission that's the other side of the map.  No quick travel at all and the buses are a disappointment.  I thought it I would have at least been able to see the bus or my character get on the bus but nothing, just fade to black and a loading screen.

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I love the RPG, it works for me.  Maybe the enemies were protected by an invisible wall or a pixel.

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I got it too. :)

Awwwww......I thought I was in then!

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ethan said:
"This bug is probably happening if you have Flash 10 installed. We are looking into a fix for this. Sorry."

I tried removing Flash 10 and installing Flash 9 and it still didn't work for me.
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I found that disabling the Adblock extension fixed the problem for me in Firefox 3.0.3.  For some reason even if you whitesite the entire site Adblock still blocks something.  I found http://media.giantbomb.com/media/vine/js/mootools.js?r=1533 in the filters but the button still didn't appear after i'd deleted it from the filters.

I still have a non functional button in IE7.  I added the site to the trusted sites zone and allowed pop ups for the site but it still doesn't work.

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Since reinstalling Windows i've got the same frustrating problem with IE7 as I had before on Firefox 2 and 3.  I can now upload nothing to the site.

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Thanks Jeff!

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Same thing has happened to me, people will now think I gave Halo 2 for PC 5 stars.