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#1 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

Obviously I'm in the minority here but I thought the RTS bits were fun in their own right. It was a unique take on the genre and of course the game is funny and silly and all that aswell.  
So.. If you like to try new things I would check it out for sure.

#2 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

Devil May Cry 2 comes to mind.

#3 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

I don't find most stand-up very appealing. So I'm probably not the in the demographic for what you do. But I gotta say, You seem like you got alot things going for you comedy wise, with your look and mannerisms, and people seemed to enjoy it. So good luck with it.

#4 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

God, 30 seconds in and I've already had enough.

#5 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

It's a sad world where the only way parents can get respect is by violence. Only shows weakness on the parents part, imo.

#6 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

It's kinda fun, i'd say go for it if you feel comfortable with showing it off.

#7 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

Is it confirmed if there will be party chat in the English version of the game or not? It kind of ruined IV for me after playing V.

#8 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

I totally felt that simply walking down the street turning my head ala heavy rain, guess that what you get for playing it all day.

#9 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -
Things is though, Bioware aswell as Blizzard have a whole nother pedigree than most mmo developers when it comes to quality insurance.
#10 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -

Hope it turns out good, the first game had some good things going for it I feel, and IO-Interactive are a quite creative bunch it would seem, shall be interesting to follow, no doubt.
Oddly enough the game is getting quite a bit of publicity over what happened with the first one, and as far as I know the first sold quite well.

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