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I love the PvP, but I haven't touched the BoB stuff so that might be a factor. I've hit rank 3 in Bell Bros and Dragons though. I've seen a lot of Avellyns, Havel's Greatshield, Moonlight Blade, Hexer's Hood and Dragonrider Bow. I also haven't had much problem dealing with poise. By the time someone hits me enough to stagger me they've usually used enough stamina to not be able to take another action.

You will get staggered from one hit when they 2-hand a weapon. No amount of poise can withstand that. Unless they are using a dagger or something.

I only think it's great. I was tired of the attack spamming poise powerhouses in Dark Souls. Now they at least have to pay attention. It's a good change if you ask me.

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@myrmicus: I still don't understand that. You say +6 damage for each point up to 20. If my lowest stat is 20, wouldn't that mean 6 * 20 = 120? How did you get +205?

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Add 30 HP [0 - 20]
Add 20 HP [21 - 50]
Add 5 HP [> 50]

Add 2 stamina [0 - 20]
Add 1 stamina [> 20]
Add 0.3 poise [1 - 30 ADP combination]
Add 0.2 poise [31 - 50 ADP combination]
Add 0.1 poise [51 - 99 ADP combination]

Add 1.5 equip load [1 - 30]
Add 1.0 equip load [31 - 50]
Add 0.5 equip load [51 - 70]
Add 0.5 equip load (per 2) [71 - 98]
Add 0.5 equip load at 99

Add attunement slot at: 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 75
Add spell casts at: 26, 32, 38, 43, 49, 58, 79, 94
Adds 0.25 agility per level. Extreme diminishing returns at 110 agility.

Increase scaling depends on weapon. Diminishing returns after 40.

Increase scaling depends on weapon. Diminishing returns after 40.

Adds 0.75 agility per level. Extreme diminishing returns at 110 agility.
Add 0.3 poise [1 - 30 END combination]
Add 0.2 poise [31 - 50 END combination]
Add 0.1 poise [51 - 99 END combination]

Increases magic damage scaling. Unknown cap?

Increases lightning damage scaling. Unknown cap?

I believe the cap for Intelligence and Faith may be 40 ultimately. But I don't know for sure.

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@myrmicus: +6 to what? And does it only scale with the lowest stat? None of that stuff still makes sense to me how it works in practice.

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@development: Load times are like 6-8 seconds. Are you on PS3 by any chance?

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I'd be more excited if it actually let you create your own character and didn't lock you into classes in the beginning. Seems like it's taking out my favorite part of the Souls games.

Do they do that? I hadn't seen it in that trailer.

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@myrmicus: I've never used Mundane before. I'm still unsure how it exactly works. I read it scales the weapon with your lowest stat so that it can become very powerful but I have no idea how this works in practice.

@karkarov I haven't used a strike weapon my first time through the game either. When I did my second time through I was blown away by how much damage they do to certain enemies. For example, you kill the Old Iron Knights early in the game in Heide's Tower of flame with 2 hits that way. It also 'feels' more powerful against those types whereas blades 'feel' like they slide off them. It is obviously not required, but it saves some time and it's fun to use. It does make the Gargoyles and especially Ruin Sentinels significantly easier though.

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I'm going to create a new character and am thinking about several builds, one of which involves very low STR (only to support weapon requirement) and very high DEX. As we all know, some area's and bosses are best/easiest/fastest done with strike weapons. To my knowledge, there is no strike weapon in the game that scales with DEX primarily. Still, using thrust or slashing weapons that scale A or S against the armored enemies is not optimal.

Is it a good idea to get Raw weapons for this build? Does anyone have any idea where the cut off point is at? By that I mean, at what point will regular upgraded weapons start surpassing Raw weapons in terms of damage when you look at stats?

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They sure are going for the Dark Souls crowd. That much is certain. 'Every victory is born from defeat'. Yep, that sounds like Dark Souls.

Very little to see still, but I'm keeping an eye on it. An okay Dark Souls imitation should still be a lot of fun.

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I'll be the breaker...

I love PvP. I'm having a ton of fun with it. Maybe it's just better on 360? I see a lot of variation, not nearly as much katana's as you claim. I think it is much better than the previous games. While poise is on some level to shit, it also makes things a lot more interesting. Now, you won't have tanks just spamming out attacks when you're in range. They need to actually be careful to not get hit either.

I am mostly doing the Bell Keeper PvP though. I did some Blue Sentinel arena.