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Mirror's Edge is amazing, but you'll need to want to replay it. It's about 5 hours long your first time through. I can finish it in an hour and 20 minutes today. I finished it like 30 times though. So much fun.

I liked Tomb Raider. I think it's better than people give it credit for. It was often compared to Uncharted, which I think is a mistake. It's a different game. I think it plays a lot better though.

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  • Dark Souls II
  • Hearthstone
  • FarCry 4
  • Jazzpunk
  • This War of Mine
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

I would personally add Destiny to that list. Though disappointing, it was still a great game.

But yeah, there have been more disappointments than usual. I don't get disappointed by games that often.

I really enjoyed Black Flag and Unity seems like a significant step back, not counting technical issues. I played Destiny a TON, and truly think it is still a great game, but it had the potential to be the best shooter ever made. It still disappointed me. I thought Watch_Dogs was pretty good actually. I am still eager to finish it before the end of the year, but I did expect a bit more than just 'Press square to hack'. Lords of the Fallen... oh boy what a disappointment. From a technical standpoint alone I think that game isn't good. But then it's still less good than Dark Souls in nearly every way. I don't think I'll ever finish that game as I am having a hard time playing it while I know I would enjoy playing Dark Souls II again more. Shadow of Mordor, I've more than spoken out how tremendously overrated that game is at this point. In summary, it's bland, uninsteresting in nearly every way and it's only good idea is completely squandered because of the extremely low difficulty to the point where you barely have to look at the screen to win the largest battles.

I wouldn't say 2014 was disappointing overall just because of the titles I named. But it did disappoint me more than previous years.

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@y2ken: Ah, that is good to hear. I missed most Bombin' episodes. I still think the time given to that game is low considering it's one of the biggest games to come out this year. It has a huge install base. I basically play it every day. I wish Jeff would finally play it for a couple of days. I understand why it turns him off due to the steep learning curve, but I'd love to know his opinion.

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I am going to quote Yahtzee:

A good game should be good enough to stand on its own and not require you to play with others to make it good.

I have yet to see any game prove that wrong other than multiplayer games. Yes, games like Destiny are more fun with more people around, but it's still fun without them, just less so. Also, the problems the game has are not diminished by playing with others. If The Crew sucks when you play it by yourself, it will still suck while playing with others. Just less so. That doesn't mean you can't form an opinion over it.

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I bought mine at launch. I never really felt mislead though. The price I pay for being informed on a product before dropping money on it.

Of course if I get the e-mail, I'd still take the $50 voucher. :D

Same here. I don't think anyone on this site doesn't understand technology properly to know that 3G wouldn't work for online play. Also, the cross platform play was more than clear to require two copies in most cases. It was the first thing people asked when they announced that feature, and I'm pretty sure they confirmed this immediately to be up to developers how they handle that stuff.

Not saying they shouldn't be blamed for not being absolutely clear to everyone right out of the gate instead of leaving room for interpretation, but getting sued over it seems a bit overly harsh in my opinion.

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I thought the first half of this trailer looked good. A park with dinosaurs, getting close to see them... an experience. I dug it. But then...

'We created a new dinosaur because we have a lot of knowledge about genetics, so we could. Also, it's now going to kill everyone for the rest of the movie, and look at this shadow over this child's face'.

Ugh. It's so not what this movie should be at this point. How are they going to convince the viewer they had, yet again, a reason to mess with genetics and create a flesh eater? It comes off as extremely stupid. If you have the knowledge to create a new type of dinosaur, I'm assuming you have an IQ higher than 90. No doubt I'll feel disconnected if I ever wind up watching this. You ever quit watching a movie because all the characters are so insanely retarded you refuse to accept any actual person would ever act anywhere close to what they are doing and you feel very aware that you are watching a movie? So far, I'm getting the impression that's what this is.

This movie should have been them building a park full of dinosaurs, but problems arise so they have to work to stop them from dying or something like that. Heck, I probably would have been fine with just watching some likable characters going through a relatable character progression with dinosaurs as the theme behind it all.

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@humanity said:

I voted Burial at Sea Episode 2 and Wolfenstein.

Looked over all the other releases for 2014 and realized it was slim pickings this year. Honestly I'd have a hard time picking 10 games for a list, much less 10 games I thought were "Game of the Year" material.

I'm embarrassed to say I didn't play either of the Burial at Sea episodes despite having purchased the season pass. I'm not even sure why not. I guess I wasn't feeling a story driven game at the time.

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@audiobusting said:

The name filtering in Dark Souls 2 is also pretty ridiculous, with names like Thomas, Knight and Jack censored into T**mas, K***ht and ****. It makes sense to have it because of multiplayer (and it only censors in multiplayer too), I don't get why Persona Q would have something like that.

The list of words censored in Dark Souls 2 itself is a fun read (warning: naughty language, obviously). I wonder what it's like to be the person who had to write these.

Hahahahaha, man; that list has some real gems in there.

What the hell is an assbandit? Do you have like, an ass in front of your mouth instead of a bandana?

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I put Hearthstone on there. They just need to play it a bit longer. It is truly a great game. I think it's crazy to not at least talk about it in the GOTY discussions. As far as I know, only Alex really played that game. I know Patrick did his stream with it, but it was clear he wasn't completely understanding the game yet (which nobody will with that short amount of time put in. No knock against Patrick, just saying they should've played it a bit longer).

I don't want another Hotline Miami incident, where Alex is the only one who really knows the game they are talking about.

Also considering of putting in Destiny for funsies.

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I'm traveling a bunch by train lately. Usually about 2-3 hours each day, sometimes more. My Vita has been disappointing in delivering me the games I would want to play. I have Ninja Gaiden which is absolutely awesome, but you can only play a game so long before you want to play something else. Also FFX, which is great, but also done with that for a bit.

The 3DS is a bit better with Fire Emblem, Zelda and Pokemon games, but I don't feel like replaying those games.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for mobile games? Talking Vita, 3DS, but also definitely phones. I have Android and I am having fun with Threes for a bit, and downloaded Shadowrun, which seems great so far. Most games on phones aren't that fun to play for more than an hour total though. I'm looking for great games only. None of this 'this one was sort of cool' stuff.