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Goodbye to Patrick and Brad. You'll both be missed.

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Free? I love free...Almost as much as I love lamp.

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Looks like they some more time to fully realize how to physically represent all of John Cena's hustle, loyalty, and respect.

The respect part will be post-launch, on-disc DLC.

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Thanks, Patrick.

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As I stated on my Twitter:

Will Harrison ‏@EyePawd 20m

One year ago we lost Ryan Davis, who I still think about every day. Here's to @taswell . Live on in who loved you, King of the Summer Jams.

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That, and the maintenance costs. I think you have to basically buy a maintenance subscription. It ain't cheap.

Sigh, sweet vanilla coke...

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Oh, glorious Coke Freestyle Machine. I was in amazement and wonder after hearing this podcast and then finding one in the wild at my local 5 Guys.

It's everything I could have hoped for and more.

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....Is that mustache real life?

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That Fro.

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@crithon: Suddenly a lot of things make sense. I had no freaking idea where the Wayne Brady Mii came from and was really confused. I just remembered that on a lark while waiting in the drive through for hashbrowns at McDonald's I happened to have my 3DS connected to their network.

I didn't realize that's where he came from. Creepy. It's almost like Wayne Brady was hiding in a Happy Meal box.