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If anyone cares the ps3 version still seems like bullshit and I don't think they are doing much to fix it. I play a bit every day and there are still tons of little bugs that have been there since the start, and the game will just freeze at least once every few hours. Kinda fucking frustrating.

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@chaser324: Oh sweet, GB streams aren't on twitch though right? Just plain bland press conference.

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Is there a way to stream just the audio from the conferences? I have a dentist appointment during the ubi and sony ones.

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@alcor741: Those are some graphic-ass banners right there. Really nice looking, man! :D



(God it's like a Geocities page up in here now. I'm sorry, I'll make some non-GIF ones tomorrow but I really had to get this idea out of the way because it's too dumb I love it.)

If one of these doesn't win I might cry. Even the gif haters can't deny the craftsmanship of these. Also I love that EA logo and they should bring it back.

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Here is my entry for Nintendo...

This is just my favourite thing in this thread and I really really hope it wins.

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I'm definitely not as talented as some of you crazy gifted motherfuckers but I had this in my head and decided to throw something together.

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I just started using Plex because I got a chromecast, and I can't even play the videos in the plex player never mind through chromecast.

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One last thing... Turns out San Francisco and New York are the perfect cities for anything "Giant".

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I'm wondering if anyone remembered where I can find the video that contains Jeff playing that weird famicom Star Wars game where Darth Vader turns into a scorpion.

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Hehe that is just awesome.