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I think the site just went down 10 days early. Does anyone have the videos? I was halfway through Half-Good.

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Just wanted to hear from everyone about moments recently that have made you laugh uncontrollably at a game. Whether it be odd dialogue or genuinely funny writing or glitches or whatever.

For instance, this happened today while I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics for the first time and I laughed for 10 minutes like an idiot just because of the way I read it and had to double-take.

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I grabbed Enslaved and Spelunky because I have never played either and I'm pretty starved for stuff to play right now. Seems like some good deals! Being a plus member pays itself off within like the first two months.

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Anyone else having quality issues? I have washed my blue Vinnco. shirt once and the white border is coming off.

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It bugs me that so many people have this as their number one because I have no desire to buy a 3ds. Would love to play it though...

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Is there an archive of VGX 2013 somewhere on the internet? Or at the very least a simple list of trailers. Haven't had any luck searching for one.

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My bad attempt at podcast bomby

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@greggd: Directly attached to antenna.

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@quantris: I've tried it in every port I have on my TV. Prong is too small for RCA and too thick for the coax antenna thing.