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This cable is attatched to a digital antenna I have and I have no idea what it is. I thought I knew most AV connectors. looks recessed like a co-axial but has a thick prong like a composite. Very confused. Thanks for any advice.

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@ps4_fanboy: Thanks!

Thanks for the help guys. Maybe I will just spend November building a gaming PC.

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CaptainGreat have a mic somewhere.

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Anyone know where in Canada is my best option to get a PS4 as quick as possible. Didn't really plan ahead (preorder) because life has been hectic for a while. Also did I read somewhere that the BF4 PS3 to PS4 upgrade thing expires at the end of the year?

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On that note are there any items i should definitely seek out or should I just go with the flow?

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In my fellow bombers' opinions should I pay attention to some kind of guide or should I only look things up (ie: boss strategies) if I am having trouble?

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Just a quick question about direction. How do I know where I should be going if I don't want to use a game guide?

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@houseofballoons said:

Seriously.. I'm not a marketer. I can't believe that's a legitimate worry nowadays on forums..

Hey brothers, I'm totally not a cop... so where are the marijuana cigarettes?

I actually laughed out loud.