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As someone who has no friends to play mmos with, the old republic is a really fun big single player rpg with some multiplayer parts. I play it kinda like a mix between kotor and dark souls, only grouping up for flashpoints or heroics. I don't really join guilds or anything. Having said this if this wasn't a star wars game I probably would have zero interest. I just love being a roguish smuggler dude right now. The only story I have played fully is the imp agent and it was very awesome.

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So I just grabbed DS2 outta my mailbox and this metal case seems like it is poorly made... kinda loose and the front seems almost warped.

Anybody else noticing this or maybe it just got damaged while shipping?

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I think the site just went down 10 days early. Does anyone have the videos? I was halfway through Half-Good.

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Just wanted to hear from everyone about moments recently that have made you laugh uncontrollably at a game. Whether it be odd dialogue or genuinely funny writing or glitches or whatever.

For instance, this happened today while I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics for the first time and I laughed for 10 minutes like an idiot just because of the way I read it and had to double-take.

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I grabbed Enslaved and Spelunky because I have never played either and I'm pretty starved for stuff to play right now. Seems like some good deals! Being a plus member pays itself off within like the first two months.

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Anyone else having quality issues? I have washed my blue Vinnco. shirt once and the white border is coming off.

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It bugs me that so many people have this as their number one because I have no desire to buy a 3ds. Would love to play it though...

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Is there an archive of VGX 2013 somewhere on the internet? Or at the very least a simple list of trailers. Haven't had any luck searching for one.

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My bad attempt at podcast bomby