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In my fellow bombers' opinions should I pay attention to some kind of guide or should I only look things up (ie: boss strategies) if I am having trouble?

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Just a quick question about direction. How do I know where I should be going if I don't want to use a game guide?

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@houseofballoons said:

Seriously.. I'm not a marketer. I can't believe that's a legitimate worry nowadays on forums..

Hey brothers, I'm totally not a cop... so where are the marijuana cigarettes?

I actually laughed out loud.

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I would just like to say that I didn't know who Beers was until I watched that invisible walls tirade of his. I could immediately tell he is a whiny child with nothing positive to contribute to anything.

I also didn't really know much about Phil Fish until he appeared on the GDC after hours show. My impression of him is just that he is a regular dude who likes to speak his mind instead of appeasing an internet full of self-important douchebags.

Choosing to use twitter to vent his anger probably wasn't the wisest thing, but we have to stop imagining that these people who make games and are in the public spotlight are completely immune to any kind of emotional outburst... Especially indie guys with no PR people telling them what they can't do.

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I feel so strange that I am as upset and shocked as I am about this. I guess when you watch videos of a person everyday for several years they are a lot closer than complete strangers. I guess when you only see someone on the internet and never in person they seem invincible to you. All I can say is....

Fuck Ryan Davis.

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I'll be on later tonight on giantbombing chat. I am a complete newbie so forgive any dumb questions, but I'll be on later tonight. Name is Deckard Evora

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I was intrigued enough by watching Scoops get into EVE. I am currently downloading it. Does it matter what race and other options I chose? Looking forward to seeing you all on there.

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Nothing really interesting seems to be coming out until the PS4... Maybe GTA5.