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It actually makes me more likely to buy it on PC. I hate scrolling through servers and prefer to let the matchmaking work for me. They have said custom content and modes will be available in private matches, so the end result is almost the same.

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@JordanSnyder: People put way too much emphasis on a review score, but out of 10 is the easiest. Its the same as a 5 star system that allows half stars. The only reason I would say its better than 100 point system is then you don't have people arguing about a 96 (or 9.6) vs a 98 or a perfect 100. People are going to have different feelings on a game and debating tenths of a point is just nitpicking.
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Hopefully they'll port over all of the content from bungie.net and have that at Microsoft so it can link up with other future 343 titles. Also, it would be cool to access it from the 360 itself. Not enough people use it as is.

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The story could be a little more coherent and the localization could have been improved. People will always love the game though because they put so much work into their characters they find it impossible to separate themselves by the end. Its a classic JRPG with a lot more style, but to me it was too tedious.

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I was hoping for the water gun game that they mentioned in Eat Lead.

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I missed it. :( Oh well. I guess I'll wait to the 24th. 

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@oraknabo said:
" I'm in 100% agreement and to extend the comparison, I think the PS3 is the Gamecube of this generation. "
The PS3 is the Xbox of this gen. It was too expensive at first and boast that it is more powerful, but few games show any improvement on it.
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If a leaked version is out then I wish the publishers would just put the final version out there on legit digital distribution sites, like D2D and Steam. A lot of this waiting is just for the actual discs to get to retail stores. There is no reason to keep the public waiting for the digital version when its already done.

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@deusdigit: There are some products I want to buy and I can't really think of a better way for companies to make me aware of them. Most ads I don't like are because I don't care at all for the product they're advertising.
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32 player matches are disorganized enough. Finding 256 competent players will be impossible. Everyone is just going to try and be rambo and the whole concept will fall apart. I think the game can be made, and I'm hoping its great. I don't have faith in the community though.