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as much as i'm glad that vinny is excited about this i am really not looking forward to watching things with alex navarro in them just to see vinny

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From the UK, was really hoping this was going to chance. Apart from being morally reprehensible they really are missing a beat here pushing digital downloads. Why would anyone switch digital when you pay such a premium?

Eurogamer article

On the PS3 you could buy PSN credit from the US online, make a PSN American account, download the game, sign in to your UK account and play that game. This would give a staggering 50% on some games but is it worth the risk? This may not work on the PS4. Also, if it does, who knows if Sony will patch it out. Maybe multiplayer games are region locked to servers where game is bought, not console...

not saying I don't agree with you - I do, digital games SHOULD BE CHEAPER. But isn't what you are describing essentially VAT dodging? Or am I misunderstanding?

Technically, yes but the intention isn't to dodge VAT. The idea that video game prices in the UK, especially PSN prices ranging from £50-65 from the should-be-standard $60/£40 is entirely because of how much VAT (aka tax) games have, is not true.

Sony on PS3 were better where they at least had first party stuff at £40 or under which was sometimes cheaper at a game's launch then buying physical, but they've said fuck that I guess.

Also I blame Activison CoD fans because Modern Warfare 2 was the first game that was RRP £55 when it was $60 and everyone here still paid for it.

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Let's be honest here, this is clearly an experiment, just look at the stripped out features and reused TTT2 assets.

But I'm going to echo Harada's own comments, that putting characters in a fighting game behind paywalls is bad for balance and gameplay. Each character has nuances not only to play as, but to play against aswell, so to be any good at fighting games where it matters, in other words against real people, you have to know what they'll do. Paying for match tokens, which provide a benefit if you win or lose, makes more sense to be. But then again playing fighting games online for long periods of time only makes sense if you're really really REALLY good or you're playing with friends casually, which is clearly not the goal here.

I'm more surprised they didn't character customization and costumes to sell, it makes way more sense then either paying for online tokens or characters, though with how much they botched customizing in TTT2 I'm kind of glad that's not a system you could spend money on.

Plus it has loads of dumb dubstep, for free, how can you complain?

Also there is (kind of) practice mode, when you wait for matches online there's a basically brain dead bot to practice with and if you're coming into this and you need to look up moves you got no chance or ever winning.

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It's a F2P fighting game experiment where the micro transactions buy you coins to play versus online, emulating using credits in an arcade.

There's already two Tekken games on PS3 that have full rosters with customizable versus mode, one I know at least is on PSN if that's what you're looking for.

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Updated first post

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I've mentioned the version number here but I've had this problem on the last versions too. I only really noticed it recently as I wait for the Safari Fix. It can be annoying even it lays over faces or hud elements.

Also it's been mentioned elsewhere but time seeking sucks right now too, most the time I can only seek to 3-5 minute gaps on longer videos.

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clicking the button just makes it do the animation from coming out of fullscreen, seems to do this on any format or video

EDIT I have just updated to Safari 6.0.4 and it's having the exactly same issue

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I have noticed that too, it can become an issue with longer videos where the time between those points gets bigger

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@rchen Said this would be the place to post this.

I find I have an issue with how big thumbnails are for videos and categories and I'd like to have the open to choose a smaller size and fit more per page and browse video pages and categories.

I say option because I assume some people preview them to be bigger, though I don't know if issues of scaling will come up.

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Glad this seems to be a known issue, at least by other issues.

Also isn't this board for bug reports or am I missing something?