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I've been wondering, have Jeff or Vinny mentioned Persona 4 (the anime or the game) in any Bombcasts or the like since the end of the Endurance Run? I'd love to hear what they have to say about the anime show, or just reminice about the good old days.

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Laphroaig is actually an Islay single malt; it's good stuff.

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I just wish I could have Mega Man 11 instead, 9 and 10 were amazing games.

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If this game had been made by the guys who made Condemned it would be the most awesome game ever.
Now it just looks tedious.

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I'd love a Condemned 3, if they'd cut back on their retarded storyline and went back to the serial killer huntin' ways of the first one.
The second game in the series added a ton of new mechanics that added a lot to the game, but the story was just broken. Like, Indiana Jones 4 broken.

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If Courney hates it they've got to be doing something right.

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I've got to hit the hay now, but if you're interested in continuing any discussion just leave a P.M..

Otherwise I'd be happy to agree to disagree.

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Well, if you ask me, the game with the best song list is the game that spawned it all; the first Guitar Hero. Almost every song on that list is a classic; Black Sabbath, Pantera, Ozzy, Queen, Joan Jett... You get the idea!

Anyone who hears the tracks will want to play it, the tracks are stretching many genres and are all familiar and rocking.

With game two, I felt the quality really dropped in my mind. Sure we had us some Kiss, the Sabbath was still there and some Gn'R, but a lot of the tracks were either just straight of top lists regardless of lasting power or anything, or more B-rate classics.

Guitar Hero 3? Come on; the Killers, Slipknot, AFI (or was it another band like that? I don't remember) and so on... Sure there was Alice and Slayer and all that, but track-to-track, there wasn't a lot of meat on those bones.

The first game, when I played it with my buddies we'd play mostly any track. With game two, that dropped to five or so. Game three, the set list was so much larger, but there was still only five to ten songs I'd actually enjoy to play.

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