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A lot of major changes...

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Capitalism for you, folks. When management types force employees to work more than they need to so they can meet an imaginary deadline. Money money money.

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I just recently got a PS3. Can you guys recommend games with active multiplayer communities other than BF3 and MW3 (tight budget lol)?

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I mean if i get for cheap like 5 dollars or something, do you think it would be worth it?

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i'm so pissed with this game, everything is great about this game especially that;s it;s free, and i really tried hard  to like it but couldn't because i would shoot a whole round to kill someone only for him to turn around and kil me in 3 or 4 shots and don't get me started on the freakin snipers

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haha a wii shooter

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an open world demo isn't the big of a problem in a design point of view, look at infamous or burnout
but i guess there won't be a prototype demo hmm...

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yes definitely we're being ripped off, they are making the maps  with the original game and just delaying putting  them up for the sake of more money, see how much the waw map pack made

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is there going to be a prototype demo? i'm still hesitant about buying
i think i've seen somewhere that there will be no pre-release demo but will come out eventually

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to people complaining about the triggers stop whining already, yes when i first played ps3 i was slightly upset about them but then i got used to them, but u gotta hand it to sony designers for their stupidity it's a totally useless change, they just made like that so it would be different in a way from d2