It's hilarious.

I just feel sorry for the developers.  And when I say developers, I am not including Denis Dyack.  That man deserves all the negative attention thrown at him, and more.  But the rest of Silicon Knights are good, competent guys I'm sure, and their games aren't horrible despite having a horrible leader.

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I don't care about trophies or achievements.

At least not in terms of wanting to earn them just for the sake of having them.  I appreciate them when they add interesting goals that extend the life of the game.  So I would go back and replay a game to earn trophies if they fit into that category.  But I'm not going to put in a lot of time on something just to earn a meaningless notch on the belt.

It's kinda weird because before I bought a PS3, I was kinda into getting 360 achievements.  I guess having another system made me realize, oh yeah, this gamerscore number really means absolutely nothing after all.  I like that the Trophy system doesn't even try to trick you into thinking it means something to collect trophies.

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Dear Giant Bomb volunteers:

Please make less stupid mistakes when submitting content and information.  Virtually every page I visit has some major grammatical fuckups and/or inaccurate/duplicated information.  I don't think there exists enough people with enough patience to correct the sheer quantity of mistakes being submitted (and accepted by moderators which is another problem), so let's fix the problem at the source.  Please.  Thank you.

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