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I wonder if Valve has any streaming-related plans. Allowing users to monetize their time spent playing games is right up their alley.

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I disagree with nearly every aspect of his argument, but I've certainly got nothing against him refusing to put his own games on sale. I doubt as many people will buy (or play) the game under that business model, but hey, that's his business.

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I feel like the Twitter section could use context sometimes. I have no idea who "mean queen machine" is or what she is talking about.

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This is a terrible loss, you will be missed Mr. Ryan Davis!

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Greg's Oblivion marathon was awesome, I still remember it fondly. Will be tuning in for this.

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That's cool, I'll definitely be in for $20 or less.  Played the first Red Orchestra a decent amount.  Still think the "lean on stuff for steady aim" mechanic should be used in more shootin games.

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I guess enough people must still be buying this stuff if they keep making more.  I still pop the game in occasionally but I haven't bought any DLC because I know I'm not going to stay interested long enough to make it worthwhile.  The content the game shipped with was enough for me, because I don't really play multiplayer.  The bikes and night/day cycle were cool additions I guess.  I can't say they really added something to the game that I was missing.  Hopefully it's just a small team within Criterion working on this stuff.

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I never upgraded to the DS Lite, I might buy one of these.  Need something better to play Chinatown Wars and Trackmania on.

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I didn't even know this contest existed, not all of us get a chance to listen to the bombcast every week.

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I really like the redesign, except for one part: the NXE-ish banner.  I don't like how it loads with that 3 second animation with the red curve coming up from the bottom, I don't like how the secondary banners are always partially obscured, I don't like how it's biased toward the left side of the screen instead of the center.  It just really rubs me the wrong way.  I guess maybe there are some patent issues with copying Apple's Cover Flow more directly?  ..but I think if it was more like that I would like it more.  Including the ability to drag instead of navigate with arrows.

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