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Bones sticking out of legs also gets me every single time. Blaaaaargh.

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With this revelation and Miles "Tails" Prower coming before that, how many other characters have been without their full names?? What if Kirby is really Leeroy Kirbicus McPuff?

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It keeps Sin Cara relevant. So, yes.

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Every time I go stroll down the Target electronics aisle, I see tucked away in the corner a small supply of Ouya's. They gather more and more dust with every visit. I wonder what the sell-through is, if any, of Ouya's in the wild like this.

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I don't think you'll find 10 better meme based mobile games better than Doge Jump this year. wow.

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The guys at Simogo have made another awesome iOS game in Device 6. Part puzzle adventure game and part The Prisoner, the narrative is presented in a way that really takes advantage of the iPad. Great 2-3 hour game. Wish there were more of these thriller type games out there.

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People feel like they've lost a friend, because they really have. We're all used to listening to the Bombcast week after week for years. The way that the crew shoots the shit in regards to gaming and life in general is so inviting, it makes you feel like you're sitting there with them. Hell, I've had plenty of times I've verbally responded to some of their comments knowing full well I'm talking to myself. Sometimes I feel like I hear these guys more frequently than some of my actual friends. And there's always some story or tidbit from the Bombcast that I always tell my girlfriend every week, that she knows I think of these guys as more than just some dudes on the internet.

So really, no one should feel even the slightest bit silly if you tell people you've lost a good friend. And even if no one in your life understands, that's what the forums here are for. We're all here to support one another and to help. One of the reasons why I love this community just as much as I love the Giant Bomb guys who helped foster it.

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Still think this is a crazy joke. I can't believe it...thoughts going out to Ryan's wife, family and friends...

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Things like this is why this community absolutely rocks. Such amazing work!