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My heart plummeted when I saw that title. My sincerest condolences to both his family and the Giant Bomb staff.

RIP Ryan Davis

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I think Molly is going to make a reappearance in episode 5 and will hopefully take Clem with her after Lee dies. I'm sure Molly could be persuaded since she used to have a younger sister and all. She could also teach Clem how to be even more badass than normal.

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Is Spec Ops The Line worth it for that price? Kinda interesting in the story but I also heard the game is quite short.

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Goddamnit. Assassin's Creed won. WHY PEOPLE OF STEAM? WHY?

Damn it. I really enjoyed that Darkness 2 demo. I guess I'll wait and see if it goes on sale at all sometime later.


Steam is tormenting me now.

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I was hoping Max Payne 3 would drop in price so I nabbed that. Picked up From Dust as well though I heard the PC version has some problems.

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Oh weird, one of the highlighted games is unavailable in the UK.

Nah, I think that is just a bug. Refresh and it should appear. It happened to me several times with the last daily deals.

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@braveortega: There is nothing wrong with Revelations from a gameplay standpoint. I think the reason it gets flak from most people is that it is very similar to the previous two games and doesn't really add that many new/interesting features or progress the story much. The game is still pretty fun though.

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You guys have best voted for The Darkness 2 for the next flash deal.

I just finished the demo for that. Pretty glad I voted for it now.

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@CL60 said:

When do new daily deals go up?

1 hour 20 mins from now I think.

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Alright, voted for the Darkness 2 just because of the above comments. The screenshots looked pretty cool too.

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@Zimbo said:

So..Rage or The Darkness 2? I haven't really done much research into either of the games so I'm not sure which is better.

AC Revelations!

Already have that!