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Price has gone up again! I bought it and DLC seconds before the price was fixed. Took about 2 minutes to verify my credit card, so it must have been close.

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Well, Nvidia released the 310.64 beta driver today, and it should give up to 38% improvement to the performance. So I'm not too worried with my 560Ti.

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@Dredlockz: I tried to ignite it, but couldn't figure out how. I tried shooting through the window, but it did nothing. In the end i ended up just using the fiber wire on him.

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@Dredlockz: Pretty much the same I did, except I sabotaged the fuel pump and shot the gasoline. Tons of explosions and about 10000 points deducted.

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@Dredlockz said:

that's a bummer.

So in that mission where you need to kill the whole cast from that movie Grease, there is a window that if you inspect it says "this would be an awesome sniper position if I had a long-rage rifle", is there a rifle hidden somewhere? cus I couldn't find one and looked for quite a while all around the map.

There is. It's on the upper floor of the donut shop Quite a messy way to take out the target though.

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You need to see a doctor. Depression doesn't just go away by itself. The longer you let it fester, the worse it's going to get. You may have to get some medication and therapy, but you will be much better off for it. Seriously, call your doctor.

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  • The original Still Life is really good. Great atmosphere, and you get to relive the story from different time periods. The sequel was... meh, unfortunately. It is a more traditional adventure game, but really enjoyable.
  • Resonance. Has some pixel hunting, and a couple of stupid puzzles, but overall pretty interesting. I enjoyed it.
  • Botanicula. More of a puzzle game, really. Bizarre as hell, but really fun. Made by the same guy who made Samorost 1 and 2, and Machinarium.
  • Zork - Grand Inquisitor. Old, but so much fun. I consider this one of the all time great adventure games. Plenty of quirky humor, and the world is very bizarre and weird.
  • A New Beginning. You play as different characters in a world destroyed/being destroyed by climate change. Beatiful game, but a lot of inventory puzzles.
  • Drawn: Dark Flight. The sequel to Drawn: The Painted Tower. Definitely a more casual adventure game. Absolutely beautiful throughout, and not too difficult. If you can find both for a low price, I'd recommend them.
  • The Delaware St. John Series. I really enjoyed these. You're a psychic paranormal investigator, going to wherever the spirits call you. Pretty creepy at times. There's a Kickstarter campaign for the 5th game going right now.
  • The Ben Jordan Series. 8 games, all free. This series is finally done after 6 years of development. You're a paranormal investigator, chasing demons, vampires, monsters etc. The first few games are a bit rough around the edges, but each one keeps getting better and better. Highly recommended, and the games are generally not too long.
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Think I figured it out. When viewing the DOM source in IE, everything from line 111 to 536 gets commented out. Looks like there's a lot of HTML elements there.

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Did you enter the URL into the address bar, or did you click on a link? Because that URL looks weird.

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It's not like I've left consoles permanently. Just this generation. I just lost interest. Sold my Wii after it had collected dust for several years. PS3 after 1 year. Sold my 360 a few months ago. Had one since launch. The only thing left on consoles that interests me is Assassin's Creed 3 and Hitman Absolution. and I'll get those for PC, now that I can actually run them at a steady framerate.