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Awesome! Definitely one of my all time favorites. Very atmospheric for its time.

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@Strife777: I've had a pair of Sennheiser HD 555's for over a year now. They're my first pair of headphones, so I may not be the one to ask about sound but they're reliable and super comfortable. I could live with the cord being shorter, though.

I had those for several years. They only have one plastic joint between the speaker and head... thingy. Mine ended up falling apart. Switched them out with a pair of PC 360. Basically the same as the HD555's, but with double joints and a mic.

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This one's been serving me well for a while now. It tears through flesh easily.
Was just about to sell this when I noticed the name. Yes, it's an assault rifle that fires grenades.

Now, they're pretty good. Nothing amazing though. However, combine them with this:

And I'm ripping absolutely everything apart! Amp damage with no drain, and an insane recharge? Yeah, this'll last me a while.

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So... is there a way to unlock this game early with a VPN or something? Consequence free, of course.

Careful about that. When Steam last updated their terms of service, they specifically added in a section about VPN's. Basically, they don't want you to do it.

I've personally used a VPN several times, but I'm not sure I want to risk it anymore.

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Yay! Yak's Bend isn't full anymore. Feel free to send an invite.


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I actually sold my 360 about 2 weeks ago. I've played 2 new games on it this year, so it was basically just collecting dust. I will be getting another 360 controller for my PC though, but I'm done with consoles this generation.

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Eh, it's kinda fun being a vampire. It's nice to occasionally have a ranged attack on my warrior. I still think the most stupid thing they did was lower the life drain damage when you have a companion (I don't know if it's just with the vampire chick). It's completely useless with a companion. And considering she's with you during pretty much the entire DLC, it's extra stupid.

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I've always enjoyed Iji. Cool weapons, interesting story, and you'll probably want to play it more than once.

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@RadleyDuder said:

You also need to remember that the people viewing your site need to have the font installed, so don't use a font that they probably wont have.

Fonts are embedded on his site, so that's not a problem.


As others have said, you need to do something about the fonts. Using that Hattori Hanzo Light font is fine for headlines (though I think it's way too large), but I don't think it works for reading longer pieces of text. Verdana is so widely used on the web because it's easy on the eyes.

And all caps? Please change that. It seems like the entire site is shouting at me.

You should probably consider putting in some sort of seperator between blog posts. With text sizes the way they are now, all the text seems to merge together.

And some general advice:

Try to be consistent with typography. I saw 4 different pages with 4 different fonts. You should really try to keep the number of fonts down to a minimum. It's confusing when they keep changing.

Be careful when putting graphics behind text. It doesn't take a lot to confuse the eyes.

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Well, I've got Avast Free (switching it out soon though. It's become bloated as hell), newest FF. No problems. So that might not be the issue. Do you maybe have any anti-spyware programs installed? They have been known to occasionally cause issues with FF.

Also, disable your antivirus just in case. If FF doesn't crash, there's your problem.

What programs are you running? Any one of them could be interfering.

Probably most important, which plugins do you have? One of them could easily be causing problems. Try disabling them one by one, and see if that helps.