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That sucks, man. I got the game today. Well, I downloaded the enGB client yesterday, and bought the game this morning. I played for a while and then got booted (error 37). After about 40 minutes I could log in again. Haven't experienced any issues since, I'm looking forward to see how it runs over the weekend, since the only thing I'll be doing is playing it.

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Also, did you play SMB with a keyboard?

Yes, because I am physically incapable of hooking up a 360 controller to my PC. I don't have the right hook-ups or whatever.

Wait, what? A wired controller just needs a USB port. Wireless needs an adapter, which can be a bit difficult to get hold of, but by no means impossible.

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People still carry cash?

I have all my money in GOLD DOUBLOONS!

Way too cumbersome. I have gold teeth. I just file a bit off whenever I have to pay for stuff.

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I'm buying one next month. I drink several glasses of water a day at work, no problem. But the tap water in my apartment is pretty terrible.

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I need to see more of it before deciding whether to buy it or not. I watched Total Biscuit's livestream and it didn't really blow me away. Planetside 2 though...

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Get a hold of either a Geforce 560 Ti, or 570 if you can afford it. Both are good and still perform well. I can't really give you any AMD/ATI advice.

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^Same. I can't afford the game until next month. Well, unless I don't care about eating.

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But you can do that achievement anywhere, i don't think its related to the owl head.

Really? Huh, I must have entered it wrong then.

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It is puzzle solving and not that much more. A few timing based jumping puzzles, but it's definitely a puzzle game. Personally, I'm loving it so far.

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Alright guys, I'm pretty sure we're gonna need this (I know I am). I've run into a ton of puzzles I just can't solve, so I figured a hint thread might be a good idea.

For the spinning owl head Can apparently be done anywhere

You could look at a certain list, you point whore!

The spinning skull

Kinda messy if dead people face different directions

In one particular room

Quick Response Code scanning is required

mod edit: I'm trying to collaborate all the info in this thread into a guide. If you want to help then PM me and I'll give you access to it.