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No, I can find my way around pretty easily. Solving the puzzles is another matter though. There are so many where I have absolutely no clue what to do. 26 cubes so far.

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GB should switch to WebM so we can view them in a free way.

But then Safari and IE9 users would need to install 3rd party software. Also, no more video on iPhones. Google has claimed they will remove h.264 support from Chrome for over a year now, but has never followed through with it. Mozilla is getting tired of waiting, and it's looking more and more likely they will support h.264 in the future.

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What games are you playing? I've got a Q6600 Quad@2.4GHz, 560 Ti. 6GB DDR2 Ram. Stuff like Space Marine, Skyrim, DiRT 3 and The Witcher 2 runs great at 1080p. The Witcher needs a bit of tweaking and I can't run it with everything maxed, but I've got no complaints.

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Screw zombies, I'm preparing for the raptor uprising! They will return, and I'll be ready for them.

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so i should put in the new motherboard, ram and cpu then install win7 last?

Pretty much.

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Get all the upgrades first. It can be a pain to get Windows to activate when you change your parts. If you have an OEM version of Win7, it's tied to the motherboard it was installed on. If you activate a retail version of Win7 and change your hardware significantly, you have to re-activate, which may involved having to phone MS. Just get all your upgrades and then install Win7.

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Thanks again for the responses everybody. I'm currently in the midst of finishing the wadjeteye games on steam...

You're gonna love the Blackwell series and Emerald City Confidential if you have them.
Yesterday is... I don't know, the pacing feels rushed. It's one major story element after another, and then it ends. I would've loved to know more about John Yesterday. Exploring more of his past and seeing how he got to where he is, could have made for a great story, but it's never really explored, except in a few cutscenes. Puzzles are easy if you've played adventure games before. Don't get me wrong, I liked it. I just felt they could have done much more with the story.
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Wouldn't it be better to offer support programs where they pay to get the person back in shape instead of just fat unemployment? Work with local exercise centres to give people a discount to go there, or get personal trainers to come around and help people at home like nurses that help disabled people.

We actually have that here in Denmark. It's called the Center For Health and Lifestyle. If you're fat and unemployed, you can go on a 6 month course, where you'll be counselled in food and exercise. You also exercise for several hours a day.
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The CGI is dated, but I loved Babylon 5, and still do. Highly recommended.

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Well, if she can't lose weight on her own, give her an ultimatum: Get a gastric bypass, or lose the money.
One of my friends has lost 250+ lbs by getting a gastric bypass, and he's never been happier.