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Yeah, it was scary, but after the storage level I think the scares went a bit downhill. I didn't really jump or anything the closer I got to the end. Still a great game though.

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Depends whether the payment company checks the name on the card. If yours doesn't work, use your mom's.

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So, how was the stability for everyone? On Shadow Broker mine crashed 3 times in random spots. My last crash was just before entering the ship towards the end. After that everything ran fine. This is the first DLC that has caused the game to crash for me.

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I've bought every single one. Didn't like Zaeed that much, enjoyed Kasumi, Shadow Broker and Overlord.

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I miss point and click adventure games! The really good ones with a great narrative and story. Old Sierra and LucasArts games were fucking awesome. I go to the indie scene for my adventuring needs today, but I still miss the big commercial adventures. I miss Jane Jensen, Gabriel Knight was amazing. Beyond that though, I'm fine with the gaming industry. I can still get open world RPG's, which I can easily spend 100+ hours on, and download a shit ton of mods for.

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I got tempted when I saw it on the BLLSL. I have a weakness for table tennis. Of course, then I saw how Jeff had to hold his arms to play the archery game, and I kinda lost interest again. Also, I don't have a PS3.

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I might go back to it. I always liked that it was solo friendly.

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I think I may have actually suggested that in the suggestions thread that Dave made. After thinking about it though, I realize it's a fucking terrible idea. I don't see the point of it at all.

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Nights. I try to avoid the daystar at all costs.

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Fuck,  tonsillolith. I have those occasionally, and they smell like shit (literally). They don't really annoy me, but I may have to get it checked out.
If I ever get my tonsils removed, I want to gold plate them and wear them as earrings.