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Choose your style

@ 0.20-0.21, 0.26-0.28 and 0.52-0.54

Most credit goes to my friend Zekalizer who filmed, edited and uploaded. But you other guys did a great job too, I hope we'll win. :)
Posted by MsCortana

That was pretty good.  Great job!

Posted by Linkyshinks

That was cool, very CoD4.  The music above I listened to as I ate lol, Tears for Fears brought backs some memories!  I have The Witcher SE so have the entire soundtrack :D They had better release a patch for existening users now there is a enhanced version.

I need to use Mixpod myself on mine.

Posted by TheGamerGeek

Wow,good job!

Posted by Homes

Awesome job Simon.

Posted by MrHepcat

Not to shabby ;)

Posted by Asrahn

Awesome work mate. Too bad I wasn't around to join in xD