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There's a larger, active player base in XBL (just saying from my experiences of HD Remix on PSN). Probably gonna get one this year if XBL's SF4 player base is larger or if it has better connection than PSN.

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E. Honda takes little effort to use in HD Remix since his headbutts can negate/go through projectiles and his hundred hand slap does a lot of chip damage if your opponents block it.

But I recommend trying out all the characters. One of them is bound to feel right for you. Some people prefer charge characters like Guile or Dee Jay. Some people prefer grapplers like Zangief or T. Hawk. If you like fast moving characters, you can try Chun-li, Cammy, and Fei Long.
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DS: Lunar: Dragon Song
PSX: Croc
PS2: Final Fantasy X-2
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A knife
A lighter
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Cammy's voice is the only tolerable one imo