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Driver: San Francisco Is Actually Quite Good 0

When was the last time you can remember playing a Driver game and actually liking it? Well if you are like me it was probably eleven years ago when Driver 2 was released for the original Playstation. So in that regard, Driver: San Francisco is the exact opposite of what you might think it would be. That is to say, that it’s actually quite good.Tanner and Jones in Driver: San Francisco.Driver: San Francisco tells the story of John Tanner, a SFPD officer who just put his arch-nemesis, Jericho, beh...

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ITSP Is Familiar Yet Also Incredible 0

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet does not reinvent the wheel but it manages to bring some familiar concepts into a new setting in a way that ends up being quite good.If you have played Metroid or any of the more recent Metroid inspired titles (ie: Shadow Complex) you will instantly feel at home here. The whole world is designed to be revisited once you pick up a new ability that allows you to open a previously inoperable door. The difference here between a Metroid game and Shadow Planet is that yo...

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Catherine is a Flawed but an Amazing Experience 0

The fact that Catherine seeks to blend a dating simulation and a puzzle game into one experience almost makes this worth checking out in itself. However, the real question remains: did the team behind Persona 4 make a compelling video game out of such a crazy idea? The answer is a resounding yes!Catherine is about Vincent, an average Joe struggling to find his place in the world and figure out exactly what he wants out of life. The game opens up with him engaged in a long term relationship with ...

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 0

Call of Duty: Black Ops is the sixth game in the popular Call of Duty series and it’s starting to show. While the game is still fun and occasionally thrilling it is starting to become a series of: “been there, done that” moments. The tried and true formula just may not be enough to sustain this series for much longer. This entry in the Call of Duty series has you fighting through the sixties during several different events such as the Cold War and the Vietnam War. The game opens up with your cha...

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Heavy Rain Offers Something Truly Unique & Amazing 0

Heavy Rain is a game that has been hyped up in every possible way that it begs the question can the game really live up to the hype? The answer is mostly yes. However that isn't to say the game is without it's flaws.  Let's start off with what Heavy Rain does right since it does so much right. The game succeeds ...

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