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Here are a few more NA codes. If anyone wants one.




I tried the first one but I think its been claimed? I managed to get the second code, thanks!

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Does Team Fortress 2 count?

Team Fortress 2.

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Fellout is practically required.

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Most of what I played this year are older games, like all of the Wario Land series. All of those games are fucking awesome, save maybe Shake It. I also picked up Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Mole Mania, trying to find the Game Boy games that are Super Game Boy enhanced.

I also picked up newer stuff like Red Steel 2, Killzone 2, DMC4, and Resident Evil 5 because they were all dirt cheap used. Red Steel 2 was definitely worth it, maybe not so much the other 3.

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@zolroyce said:

Moira Brown from Fallout 3.

Moira and the Tenpenny Tower side quest are the only good things about Fallout 3. Moira actually felt like a character you'd expect to see in Fallout's weirdness.

Also, Nier, NOLF, Binary Domain, Alien Infestation, and Dishonored ... this whole thread is reading like games I've bought and still haven't gotten around to finishing.

I feel like most of the female characters in the Paper Mario games get overlooked because they aren't human, Tippi and Vivian in particular. Despite being about a butterfly and an inter-dimensional magician, Super Paper Mario has the most believable love story in any game I've ever seen. Then there's Vivian, which was touching on gender identity and bullying issues WAY before Persona 4.

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Custom backgrounds, as in ones set by the user, freely, from any image source?

Would love to see that.

I'm amazed its not a feature, insulted almost. The 360 and PS3 were able to do this at launch.

Also, goddamn, Twitter integration? Setting achievement art as a background? This is where their time and effort is going? How about the part where I don't have to download multi-GB patches just to play a retail disc game? D4 and Scalebound seem really promising, but goddamn does it seem like neither Sony or Microsoft give a shit about just making a gaming system that plays games in a timely and reliable fashion. I'm butthurt about next-gen systems all over again, if Kingdom Hearts 3 hits Steam, I don't think I'll need anything other than a Nintendo console going forward.

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Going to put down Bayonetta 2 like a lot of people here. Sure, most people in the gaming community are going to know about it, but so few are actually going to play it, which is a tragic crime. Bayo 2 plays like NOTHING else that's on the market, it's basically ruined all other character action games for me. It's even slightly ruined Bayo 1!; the game feels sluggish and unresponsive in comparison. Games like Bayo 2 need to be played by everyone who even remotely likes action games.

Platinum continues to show that they're the masters of action, and also the masters of making incredible games that won't sell. (Bayonetta 1, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, and now probably Bayonetta 2)

Metal Gear Rising actually did pretty well, selling close to 2 million and getting a PC port. Konami was pleased enough for it and have even been posting a survey/poll about a sequel.

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@amirite said:

@zippedbinders: Actually the whole website has this attitude, not just Klepek. They are opinions, you don't have to agree with them.

Oh, I know that. Its one of the reasons I actually use things like Destructoid and Operation Rainfall for actual news and coverage of Nintendo/Japanese stuff. I love Jeff, Dan, Vinny, and Brad, but I gave up on them as a news source years ago. Which really doesn't explain why I'm on this article in the first place I guess.

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Isn't that how map packs always are? Maybe I've misunderstood something?

Doesn't seem worth posting.

Welcome to a Klepek article, where he loves to talk about how weird and behind the times Nintendo does things when its really not that different from anyone else. Oh, but he reiterates that he likes them most of the time, so its ok.

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@yummylee said:

Giant Bomb should hire Tara ect. ect.

Though in all seriousness Tara coming over here would be pretty cool.

Hell yeah, Tara is great. She's one of the only non-GB people that actually sounds comfortable on video reviews without being irritating. Really hope she lands somewhere good.