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You know what I was thinking. Aren't the people who played these games going to be in their mid-20's like me?

I don't know if I could go see this movie in the theater (making the assumption it is) without feeling like a creeper.

Hell, I'm 19. I played those games when I was younger. I wouldn't think it'd be too wrong.

I went into the Muppets movie alone. I also went in to see Wreck It Ralph alone. You should be fine, it's really not that bad.

You're still (in the states at least) a child. Once you're visually identifiable as an adult these things become much harder to justify.

Y'all are some incredibly self conscious mofos, go see whatever you want. If you look like a presentable human being going to see a movie, people won't give two shits about what you're seeing.

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Here's a Bayonetta thing I've been working on.

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Celebrating the man the only way I know how.

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We never got another Season of TANG or WUTANG, and for that I don't know if I can ever forgive him.

For everything else though, thanks. I'd feel weird offering condolences for a man I've never met, his family, or his friends, but the thousand or so strangers here tell me I'm not alone in missing that ragamuffin of a man.

"So remember, even if you're dusted, you may be gone, but out here in the

Desert Petaluma, your shadow lives on without you."

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The PS3 version is completely playable, its not as nice as the 360 version, but I feel like you'd be fine if you absolutely have no means of playing the 360 version. The biggest issue is the load times, but that's what the patch fixes.

Bayonetta has a shit ton of content, about 15 hours of story with near endless replayability because of all the secrets, unlockables, and just how different the game is on each difficulty. Its also a fucking batshit crazy story where awesome stuff always happens. Lipstick bullets yo.

If you'd like similar stuff, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence is your closest bet, as its from the awesome people at Platinum. I haven't played DmC, but people seem to like it quite a bit. El Shaddai is very pretty and equally crazy (but I personally don't like the combat system), God of War isn't as deep, gameplay wise, but the core trilogy is pretty solid and tells a decent story. You might even want to check out Darksiders or Darksiders 2.

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I feel like if its banned in a sports thing, sure, don't fucking do it. If its just for you and your personal goals, go right ahead, if you're responsible about it.

I judge people harsher if they smoke or drink than if they take steroids, they don't personally affect me the way second hand smoke or the stink of booze/dealing with drunks can.

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GB got pretty butt hurt over this game. It was ok. Not great, but just ok.

I don't think you know what "butthurt" means.

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It seems a lot of people either had insane expectations or had no idea what the deal was in the first place.

Y'all are nuts.

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Does Nintendo know they just released a console? I mean no one is buying that so maybe start talking about wii u games?

Good news on all those 3DS games though. Can't wait for Luigi's Mansion

This is what happens when people read news synopsis from Alex. They talked about a few 3rd party Wii U games during the Direct (Alex just didn't say anything about it), but they did a full Wii U Nintendo Direct a few weeks ago where they announced a pretty decent amount of games. The Wind Waker remake, the new Xeno game, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami, and the usual smattering of Nintendo "once per generations".

Alex also failed to mention the new eShop games they announced, the rhythm game from Game Freak seems especially neat.

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Set up a thing with Bing, you can use Bing to search and redeem those points for 100msp or 400msp when you have enough. You can get enough for 100msp in about a week.

Its a little skeezy, but its how I bought, like, 4 games last year on XBLA.