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If this is all the previous MGS games remastered to the FOX Engine I would throw so much money at him, otherwise I won't bother since I already own them.

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@amafi said:

@branthog said:

MGS will be a game I want to play from the comfort of my sofa with the visual and audio capacity of my home theater, but I will absolutely buy a (later) discounted version for the PC, too.

This was unexpected, but welcome. I hope they don't disappoint with a poor port.

That's how I play my PC games. got 8 hdmi ins on my surround receiver and a long hdmi cable isn't that expensive.

Same, I run XBMC in the living room on my older gaming PC (i5 2500/GTX 480) and just launch Steam into Big Picture mode with Advanced Launcher from within XBMC. Got a 360 controller hooked up to it so I can just sit back and relax. Though once I finish wiring my house with Ethernet this fall (I'm in Phoenix, AZ, too hot to climb into the attic right now) I'll be able to use the In-Home Streaming stuff properly and the door opens even more!

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I just hope it's as flexible as XBMC with the usability of Plex, with the added benefit of Steam integration. That's all I want.

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I like the idea, but locking you out of the entire library instead of just the game that's being played kind of stinks. I do most of my gaming in my office at home where I have my PC, but I built an HTPC in the main room which also has Steam installed. This would be a great answer to cloud save and logout issues when using Steam on multiple computers in the household. It'd be a lot more useful if it just locks people out of games currently being played, then I could play DotA 2 while the lady freaks out at Super Hexagon on the big screen in the living room.

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I am all for equal rights, but man, Anita Sarkeesian is just searching for negative shit.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:

I wouldn't say ArmA is that much more authentic, and it certainly isn't without essential mods like ACE. It's more of a sim, yes, but there are plenty of things that really happen to soldiers and Marines that those games don't even touch in the slightest.

Oh I agree, hence the ""authentic" (as can be in a video game)" part. No game can ever be truly authentic, but for comparison's sake MoH barely tried if at all when compared to the BIS games, at least in my opinion. His comment just seems like a scapegoat and a way for them to have an excuse not to branch out into deeper or more complex games like ArmA.

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Good news, hopefully it continues for the rest of the staff.

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This whole thing just riles me up, time to listen to some music and let off some steam!

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@Demoskinos said:

@schattenwolf86 said:

Out of left field comes Rovio to buy the WWE license. Coming soon to your smartphones: Angry Birds VS WWE Allstars.

Considering my hate for angry birds I think I might just cut my wrists at that announcement.

I can see it now.... The game opens up to an arena with a crowd in the background, cameras flashing, and a ring in the center while the bird slingshot is placed just behind the door that the wrestlers use for their entrance. What's this... that little yellow bird, who is dressed up in a Macho Man Randy Savage outfit, jumps onto the slingshot. You pull it back, aim and release, but instead of a squeal there's an audible "OOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEAAAAH!" as he sails into the air. Once he reaches the peak of his arc and begins to descend you tap the screen again and he DOES A MOTHERFUCKING FLYING ELBOW DROP AND SMASHES THOSE PIGS AND BLOCKS!

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If I can support my alcoholism, I can support a site I truly enjoy with interesting personalities that entertain me endlessly. Though looking at those unopened bottles between Jeff and Ryan's desks does cause me some anxiety.

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