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Thanks Patrick and best of luck on everything.

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@zips: This is a bunch of assholes harassing people. The fact that the harassed work in the video games industry doesn't mean i want to read all this crap while trying to find a review/ql/etc.

Nobody is forcing you to read any of it. Nobody is forcing you to navigate away from any of the other content here or the content on the many other sites that are covering this serious issue. If you're fine with being ignorant of a very serious issue going on, that's your call.

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Thanks for the updates!

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Very useful! A while back I was hoping the Windows 8 client would make use of the Toast notifications for things like this, but this is an excellent substitute!

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Sincere condolences to the Giant Bomb team and the family and friends of Ryan. This is just... unbelievable.

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For what good it'll do, I'll echo the problem with the chat not being visible since the site update. The video plays fine on the live page and on Twitch, it's just that the chat on the live page will not work.

Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
Firefox 20.0 (though again, this has been the case since the site update)

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If you have a controller (or certain peripherals) plugged into your machine, unplug it and then launch. I had the same issue when I had my Xbox 360 controller plugged in.

Nine page thread about it on the official PS2 forums:

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I was around SA when that thread started and watched as Slenderman was "born". The truly frightening thing to me after all this time is that I hadn't even realized it's been THREE years since it started. I have absolutely zero idea where all that time has gone.

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