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Same here regarding Steam.

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The achievement page is a listing a duplicate of each achievement, but with their internal names instead of the in-game ones. There duplicates are impossible to achieve and making getting an S-rank for this game impossible. Can these duplicate ones be deleted?


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Still nothing. What's going on?

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@Styl3s: Both of them are obscure games you'd never know about on your own (well, one of them is an obscure port of a famous game series), which is bullshit.
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@weeman105: Its a lot easier to circlejerk and feel self-righteous over how awful a really overexaggerated scene in a video game is about rape than to actually do something to actually help rape victims, like volunteer at a rape crisis center or look a rape victim in the eye and help her heal from what she went through.
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Been over a month and they still aren't working.

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"worst game of the year"? Come on.

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I'd buy it.

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This is getting silly. Multiple people have had issues, and not one response from any staff. What's worse is that appears to have been going on since the start of the month, but still no response.

I deleted and readded my account because it seems nobody is willing to address this issue.