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I don't know about rating reviewers - that is kind of a silly concept. Realistically, a reviewer is giving you his opinion on the game. They will disagree with your opinion - it is inevitable, but the trick is to find reviewers that mostly share the same concept as fun as you do.

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I don't understand what the big deal is - You either buy it or you don't. They aren't lining you up and forcing it into your hands.

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I totally did. I was only 8 at the time but, It was the stone that brought upon the avalanche of autistic tendencies and the desire to own people and things.

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I feel like they are resorting to some kind of more abstract - element and theme based over the mostly animal and insect based originals. That's okay. I just am looking at them, and what really upsets me is the typing. It's the same plain jane. They have another fight/fire starter, but otherwise plain starters (which is good for the water type, and relatively bad for the fire type which now has the weakness of both.) Water is ugly as sin, I might as well go grass this time. I was hoping for a Grass/Dark, Water/Fight, and Fire/Psychic, which would really make starters duel edges. 

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Does this really work? I shall ponder!

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@Igman said:
" I cannot seem to get this date movie quest to work.  I have watched a ton of  the videos listed on these games pages,  but my counter is stuck at 1/3, any ideas? "
I am having the same problem
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@JarenFace said:
" T... that dude is pretty hardcore. Though is he a robot? It looked like he was a robot at the end of the trailer since he didn't seem to have any arms but wires coming out of his joint sockets. Maybe my eyes are just terrible. "
Definitely looks like a robot.
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It's a heart correct? Think about hearts, video games, and what happens while you fight zombies in DR2

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@JJWeatherman said:
" I like this one better: 

That's just the bombcast with Michael Cera as a guest host!
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Ice T - On TNT - AT the Studio. 

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