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It's broken again. Exact same thing.

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So I'm usually not logged in when I use the site. I only log in when I need to do something "premium." As of today, it seems I can't get the site to stay in the dark theme unless I'm logged in. When I click the dark theme button at the top of the page, it loads the current page with the dark theme as it should. However, the next time I click any link at all, the new page loads up with the light theme again.

Since it works just fine when I'm logged in, my theory is that it must be attached to something new with ads/advertising. Has anything changed in that area that might have broken the theme stuff? I use up-to-date Firefox.

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@nightriff: Because the terms standard definition and high definition are bigger than just video games.

I do think this change will happen, but probably not until 4K TVs become a real thing for average people.

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For anyone unaware, those starter evolutions are just the middle evolutions, not the final ones. I can't say I'm too thrilled with their designs.

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Vinny was about to say Toejam and Earl.

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@regal: Nope. Those streams you see are the late night (for them, not so much for you) post-E3 Bombcasts that I was talking about. Whether you call them livestreams or Bombcasts isn't really important. The guys aren't going to be streaming these conferences like they did the others because they will actually be there in the audience. At least for the big ones.

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@regal: There isn't a twelve hour delay. The twelve hours your are talking about is between Microsoft's conference starting and the Giant Bombcast starting. They don't do the Bombcast until every conference for that day is done. There is only about a 2 or 3 hour period between the end of the Sony conference and the beginning of the Bombcast.

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For example 2 old looking Comstocks can not exist in the same universe just like 2 female Luteces (that both look exactly the same) can not exist in the same universe.

Says who?

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Looks pretty real to me. Mostly little things about the eye movements and expressions. I will be very impressed if it turns out to be CG.

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Can't have a thread like this without April by Deep Purple and The Legend of Zelda. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Just listen to the first 3 minutes or so.