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Streets of Rage 2 - A great old school beat-‘em up game to revist 0

It’s been almost 20 years since Streets of Rage 2 was first released, back in 1992 for the Sega Genesis. Back then the graphics, game play and music were superb, but, for today’s standard it’s just not appealing enough to make an average gamer interested enough on this game. Back when it was first released Streets of Rage had an exciting mixture of game play, graphics and music. For the current console generation the graphics have been retouched, so that the game is playable on higher definit...

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Patapon – A review for the rhythm impaired. 0

You basically control an army of little circles called Patapons; this tribe of little circles was once a mighty empire which conquered any foe, no matter how big. Those glory days are now over and it’s up to you to lead their army to victory once again, you are going to achieve this by hitting the buttons to a four beat tempo. As you progress along the game you are going to acquire songs that consist of four beats, this songs help you give commands to your army. There is a song to advance (pata-...

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The prefect addition to an already perfect game 0

Soon after the release of the original game the powers that be decided an expansion set was needed to further enhance the addiction of millions of people and so they came out with Star Craft Brood War. Then the craziness begun, even more user created content was spawning all over the web, fan fiction, campaigns, battle net… you name it. 10 years after it all started it is still going strong, that just doesn’t stop amazing me. What Brood Wars brings to the table is the continuing story of our he...

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Ton of content but a bit boring and repetitive. 0

Burnout Legends is a good game in almost every category you can imagine. Game play wise is a thrilling fast pace combat to the finish line that handles well for the fast paced action. While it has its flaws as nearly every game does it is particularly boring, it gets repetitive very quickly and because of this its review score is affected in a negative way. Why is it so boring? There is a ton of content here 175 events to be exact plus 89 cars to unlock and an assortment of challenges to be ma...

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