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This is the weirdest thing to come from Brad in a long time. You're basically telling people when you pick a #1 on your list, that if they HAD to only play one game out of those 10 this entire year that it should be RDR. That RDR is the game that drew you in the most and provided you with the most fun. That RDR is the game people will be talking about years from now. 
Were you just trying to be a wild card for the sake of it? I don't believe for a damn second you think RDR was a better game for you than SC2, and I seriously doubt you do either.

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This could work really well if it's similar to Uncharted multiplayer if u ask me. 
Really though Tomb Raider is on a last breath if you ask me. If this reboot can't nail it, Lara will become the new Sonic.

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I love watching Brad play Starcraft 2. He should open up a youtube acct and upload matches where him and like Jeff commentate on them...or they could do 1 weekly game where he does it Live and it gets recorded on here. 
SC2 multiplayer endurance run :D

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Darn now this will make the challenge to build a bunch of crap even harder. You have to have 4 minutes to spare on the clock for that one, but the bunker increase will make it slightly more difficult. 

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The reviews for this game won't be pretty. The game is def. NOT a step up from the current MMO's available or coming out. It caters to its crowd and doesn't venture far from that. It has a lot of good from my beta experience, enough so that I will get the CE edition and play the game for a good long while, but it is a technical mess in so many ways. 
From user interface problems, to a LOT of missing explanations, and a VERY steep hurdle to get over when you start it just won't be reaching the same accessibility and popularity as WoW or even its predecessor FFXI did. There's a chance though that when the PS3 version launches many issues that will hamper this game now will be addressed, and it's at that point the game will be worth looking at for a mass appeal. Right now it's just going to leave a lot of people disappointed. 

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This was one of the best things I've watched off this site. You guys def. should look into doing more of these. :)

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Well at least they are telling us before hand. I'll just make sure to tackle everything extra and have more than 1 save slot.

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@Hunkulese said:
" Why can't they make replying to threads with lame overused pictures against the Giantbomb creed.  You're not supposed to do it with videos why do they let people get away with it with pictures. Pictures are far more annoying. You're not adding anything to the thread, you're not clever, they're not your own pictures and no one thinks you're funny. "
Quoted for truth. It's not like I MEAT for the thread to go here instead of the SSF4 forums. Plus, I didn't really make a thread that was retarded in anyway...at least not offensive to make you want to flame me for absolutely no reason. You'd think the guys who have so much free time on here to troll and flame would want to rather be gaming a game they enjoy. 
It's cool though to see others have played against GB at stuff. Anyone have a story of victory over one of them? :P I SO want a rematch against his Honda with my Thawk now though haha. :D
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@Jeffsekai said:

" @Zlatko said:

" Lot of salty people in here.  "
it happens, people see jeff and just have to post.    I'm jelouse of two things. 1. You have Super 2. You played Jeff. "
Yeah I've had it for 2 days now. Everyone online right now is pretty much a pro tourney player, so I'm taking a LOT of beat downs. Most aren't even touching the new characters, so while I'm trying to learn new ones they are smashing me with the established bunch. 
I highly recommend this game to anyone. Lot of focus on community with the online portion and from what I've played I've had NO games in my 90+  matches that were not full connection with zero lag. They delivered on way better online. For 40 bucks you'll be getting a lot of fun, especially with some buddies from team versus. :)
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Lot of salty people in here. 

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