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Predictions: MKX -SonicFox wins
UMvC3-Chris G wins
USF4- Infiltration wins

I'm excited to see what SF5 character reveal we get. Hoping for Alex or Urien so they can be in the beta!

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Hello all,

I was trying to see if this thread already existed, but it seems not to be the case? If it is feel free to lock this puppy up.

Here is the official steam page:


Pricing is $14.99 USA if I recall correctly.

This is a 2D fighter with a lot of "good vibes" from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. If you are a fan of either of those two titles you should feel right at home here. The game has an updated roster from the original Yatagarsu release a few years back, new stages, modes, etc. The game will NOT launch with GGPO net code built in, but will release a few weeks after initial release for any worry of bad net code. Players who already have it swear up and down the netcode even as is is fantastic.

The game is a 6 button fighter. LP, HP, High Parry, LK, HK, Low Parry.

I'm not good at this "official" thread kind of stuff, as it is my first, but this game is a great one to spend time with if you are going to train to get ready for Street Fighter 5. It's more focused on short and high damage combos, rather than lots of tight links using LP/LK to extend combos.

Juicebox known in the fighting game community is spear heading a lot of tutorials for the game. Please check out his youtube channel and twitch channel for some knowledge.



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Worst mechanic in USF4 is invincible back dash. WTF were they thinking?!

So frustrating. ugh.

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This forum could really use a central thread for all things related to the Fighting Game Community where it could be a weekly updated thread that includes events going on that week that are streamed, and could be used as a prime spot to talk about ALL fighters. Links to streams, times, etc and then the discussion can cover those events as they are going, and also talk about anything else going on in the FGC like the events above.

Anyone want to volunteer?

Also, fudge Asuza. Ignorance is bliss. :/

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Hmph. Not feeling his look. I was enjoying the idea that the kid from Ender's Game was going to get it. I'm bummed he didn't.

I'm not familiar with Tom Holland's work so I hope he knocks it out of the park.

Reboot though? ugh. We all know Spidey's story at this point. Let's just skip the Uncle Ben sob story and get into the meat.

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There are some games I would pay more than that to get at. That's just thirst, hype, and a call to a game.

When you find value in something---pricing is unimportant. Would I buy more games if they were less priced? Absolutely. Do I buy less games now due to pricing? Slightly. Time plays a bigger factor. With so many games all year round I have to pick and say to myself"Okay this will be my go to RPG this year, this is my go to adventure, this is my fighter, and this is an indie to watch."

If I had more time? Shit money wouldn't matter to me I'd buy it all.

Someone did touch on a good point---games launching half ass, and having to roll the chips. There are certain games now that previously would be a buy that are now a "wait and see" due to online netcode for example. I will now pre-order a game I want, and not pick it up day one until I read some impressions online. If the netcode is junk? Nope. Take that $5.00 and put it on something else at Gamestop. They look at me funny sometimes, but hey I'm not going to support that. If you want my full $60.00 day one then give me the full experience. I don't have the time to "beta" your game during the 2-3 week, 1 month, 4 month period until you get it figured out at which point the game is dead in the water and people are onto the next thing anyway.

Another problem we are seeing is these "limited editions" and day one DLC's raising prices without us all thinking about it. That is a MUCH harder sell on me. I don't need your season pass, I don't need your strategy guides, and your LE has to be out of this world for me to jump aboard to spend more.

Something else that helps me is I trade in games frequently so I can offset cost of games I want. I'm not a build a library kind of guy, and so that used market benefits me quite well.


Day 1 buys coming up for me:

StreetFighter 5
The Division

Everything else is a wait and see/hear more about/reviews,etc.

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So we still have nothing new about MGO even after E3?

Wtf Konami... come on.

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Sad I won't be hearing my RL name lol. I wish they'd run a "request your name" kind of campaign so I can get mine on the list.

Zlatko. It's common where I was born in Bosnia, but here in the USA...yeah I'm from Mars with that name lol.

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I felt the exact opposite. It reaffirmed I made a good decision to sell my XB1.

Gears 4 looked like a snooze. Gears 1 ultimate being on PC as well means I don't need it now. No new IP's for my game tastes, and the other IP's I do want to see more of were not there.

Sony on the other hand just kept shelling out game after game after game, and more content for third parties I won't get on other platforms. Uncharted 4, Horizon, Last Guardian, Shenmue 3, Street Fighter 5, and the list goes on and on.

Nintendo sucked the hardest imo. Aside from Smash DLC...yeah. Weak.

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I lucked out. I wanted a lot of things, but they didn't hit reasonable price points.

All I got was King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition.

I really wanted Divinity Original Sin to be like $15.00 or less, but meh.


Went back to look and caved in on Xcom Complete Edition. That should hold me over until SF5 beta. Hope it's a good SP romp! :)