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Everybody can tell that the Giant Bomb news staff is totally on top of the story. Its weird that the outage will not let me play the digital version of The Last of US remastered offline. I do hope that Sony will extend the sales for a little while.

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What are the chances Andrew Reiner answered that question? I remember on some the Replay videos with Reiner and Dan. Reiner seemed to be mean towards Dan during his first year at Game Informer. My second guest would be Matt Helgeson.

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Final Fantasy XIII. I really wanted to like that game. I hoped it would expand on what X and XI built in terms of story telling and game play. Not a sequel but a forward progression in technology. XIII was an absolute mess. The story made no sense. I could care less about half the members of the party such as Hope or Snow. The linear level design. You are constantly pursued with no resting stops until you reach Grand Pulse on Chapter 11. Just to be clear, aside from the MMO versions of Final Fantasy games. They are not suppose to be completely open world games to explore like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. Constantly going through endless straight corridors was the last straw.

On an HD TV, XIII looked fantastic. I really appreciate the fast paced combat system but the problems mentioned before soured my experience. For a game that took three years to make and to quickly put out sequels to sell more DLC is gross. Based on Square Enix track record over the last ten years. XIII seems to mark the beginning of the end for that publishing company if they keep putting out bad games.

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If Saturday and the tree day passes are sold out. Is it better to go Friday or Sunday?

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I wish Fear Effect was brought back. There was suppose to a third game for PS2 but the game got cancelled. The studio that made the games was shut downed. I'm not sure if Square Enix owns the rights since it use to belong to Eidos.

Another Zone of Enders game would be nice.

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The chosen comments make the video seem rather tame. David Jaffe is having fun. If he was really mad, he would let world know it. Drawn to Dead is a work in progress and at least deserves the benefit of the doubt.

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Jeff and Dan should have to watch The Marine.

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I believe that Ubisoft runs a video game development sweatshop. Their programmers are tethered to their workstation cranking out these games. Based on how AC: Unity turned into a technical mess. Ubisoft prefers quantity over quality.

Victorian London has great potential in terms of setting. I find these annual releases are tiring. Unless Victory has good word of mouth or is not a broken piece of junk. I will skip that title until a better game comes along.

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Jeff being in the gaming press for fifteen plus years to be labeled a trend is hilarious. YouTube "celebrities' make me want to throw up. Jeff is going to have to take all of them down.