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Early eighties body horror such as Videodrome or the Fly.

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Ah Dave or Alexis, the site broken again...

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I never subscribed but I kept buying issues of Official Playstation Magazine during their Ziff Davis run. From 2002 to its last issue in 2006. I really liked the layouts, features and the editorial content more than the demos that came with the magazines. After OPM shut down, I bought a few issues of EGM but went to 1UP more often.

The only video game magazine subscription I have is Game Informer because of Game Stop. I really hated the magazine during the early 2000s. The magazine was preoccupied with toilet humor and abuse of photoshop. The covers were cluttered with heavy text. The layouts were horribly designed and screen shot of games were used to take up as much white space as possible. It was an ugly magazine to read through. GI went through a redesign in 2009 and it has gotten a lot better since.

It depressing that most gaming magazines do not exist anymore. There is nothing quite like the touch of nice quality paper in your hands and have some thing interesting to read. Maybe print will come back one day if it wasn't expensive to those type of magazines to be generated.

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Is this the shortest news story Patrick has written for Giant Bomb?

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@yummylee said:

Resident Evil: Outbreak. Legitimately some of the dumbest AI I've encountered. Constantly running right into enemies, shooting at everything regardless of how much threat they pose, the way they'll constantly keep attacking the boss even if they have no weapon, always picking up the dumbest shit (YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO THAT WEAPON SO STOP BLOODY PICKING UP ITS AMMO), and many hilarious inventory exchanges such as the AI giving me their shotgun in exchange for shotgun ammo.

This pretty sums up what is wrong with Resident Evil: Outbreak. I kept wanting to like that game but it keep getting worse and worse. It had a cool premise of playing multiple people from different walks of life. Trying to survive the night of the Raccoon City incident. At the time, Capcom said that the other A.I characters acted independently on purpose but it was mess. They did not make good carrying mules and the game penalized you if they died before the mission ended. There are other things that made the game frustrating but the dumb A.I partners is what makes it stand out.

I did not have the internet access for my PS2 at the time. I wish Capcom would make a better Outbreak game with technology they have now.

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I think that is bad a idea. The eating of Taco Bell part.

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@alexisg Thank you for helping Giant Bomb become an awesome website. I wish you the best of luck in the future and don't be a stranger.

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I'm horrified that Anita has to go through this and I hope she never quits.

To me it's seems that incidents like these are not about video games anymore. They are ignored social problems reaching a boiling point. There is place for discourse and difference of options. No one should be subjected to any form harassment.

It's disappointing that certain individuals on this thread feel the need to rationalize their hateful attitude towards women by dismissing the value of Anita's work.

Thanks for the write up Patrick.

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That is pretty awesome.

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22 Jump street and This is the End are the last movies I went to where most of the audience was laughing. People tend to overreact to trailers when everybody else does.