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You should see a doctor about that.

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It not surprising how much people ignore or don't pay attention to signage in buildings. The only valid excuses for going to the wrong bathroom if you are in foreign country and don't know the language. Or ... you some kind of weirdo, I don't know. Those type of situations demonstrate why pictograms exist. It is important for an image to communicate an idea without words.

Since we are the topic, something video game related.

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You should play it. It might be a while before Square-Enix gets desperate enough to make an HD version.

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Remembering the peak of Rolling Stones cultural relevance with this iconic cover. Not to derail the topic. Discussion about her dangerous promotion of anti-vaccination should be tabled for another time and place. Stick with the mustard.

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It wasn't Jason Mewes. It was some douche named Blake something. Ah, it doesn't really matter. Anyways some how that crappy movie got the guy from Starship Troopers to play himself, Robin Williams daughter, Zelda and Bill Bellamy. Even Adam Sessler got roped in that mess. Don't watch that movie.

The legend of Dan Ryckert continues.

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E3 awards, just bullshit to put on the back of the box above the bullet points. Now everybody gets a trophy for just showing up.

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Plaid x4 Edition.

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This Sony Computer Entertainment's fault. They were just jerking everybody around all this time hoping that Team Ico would get around to finishing it. All creative talent left and no one filled in. I'm not the least bit surprised. Remembering Jeff talk about his conversations with developers. When so many people are involved in making a game. Its amazing that game get made at all. On a separate note, that reminds me. I downloaded ICO and Shadow of the Colossus after it was free on Playstation Plus. I need to finishing playing them.

Since Arthur Gies chimed in. What are the chance Polygon changing their review score for a nonexistent game? Will they give The Last Guardian a 9.5 /10 and say it's the greatest thing ever. Then change to a 8/10 because they did not play final build and the servers were not working. Then change to 2/10 because they never actually played the game but were sent a new copy of Knack.

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Over exercising can cause injuries. It is great that you are improving yourself by living a healthier life. Know that your body has limitations. Taking time to recover from an injury slows your progress down. Consult with a doctor first then a personal trainer to help you get the most out of your work out.

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I feel that you are selling the site short and are resistant to change. I think you don't understand that guys on the staff or use to be have personal lives to live. Dave and Vinny have their families to take care of. Patrick needed to be close to his family since his father passed away. It's been hard on everybody since Ryan passed away. Circumstances have changed and things will not be like the Whiskey Media days.

Giant Bomb still exists and I will stuck around to what they have next. For some folks, change is difficult and hard to accept. It's a transitional time but I feel that Giant Bomb is moving in positive direction. New people will get to join the group and the site will get opportunities to try new things. Have a little faith, everything will be all right.