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Do the Main OPS first then Extra OPS later. When you get access to Mother Base. The game does offer a tutorial on how to assign jobs to personnel under Staff. There is also a tutorial on how to use the R&D section to develop weapons and other technology that will help you in the game. Go to Mission Selection. After selecting a mission, in Mission Details. Go the bottom and select Briefing Files. They are audio recordings of Miller talking to Snake about the missions and things related to Mother Base.

The more you play, the better soldiers you can recruit. Better weapons to build. Soldiers specialize in certain skills and should be assigned to teams that suit their talents. Engineers to R&D team. Cooks to the Mess Hall. Doctors to the Medical team. Spies to the Intel team. Soldiers to the Combat team. Press the Help button for more information about the menus. It seems complicated at first but just keep completing missions and you are able to build Mother Base into a badass army.

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I can't remember if it was Alex or Patrick on one of the morning shows. Someone said, "We are a dumb video game website."

Here are few suggestion:

  • Chem Trails...
  • Metal Gear Solid is awesome.
  • They can't fire us for Kain and Lynch 3.
  • Stop asking us or giving suggestions for another Endurance Run.
  • Supporting Brad's Dota habit since 2013.
  • Food talk and other shit. Oh wait, we are suppose to talk about video games right?
  • It's about puppies and Emma Stone.
  • We are trying run a damn website here.
  • The place for chicken nugget eating marathons and daggering talk.
  • Enter the Lang Zone.
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Not as good as I thought it would be. I was expecting an female action hero with superpowers and not become a prequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or a Sci-Fi version of Maria Full Of Grace. Maybe something along the lines of La Femme Nikita or the Five Element. The movie is worth a rental at least. If it offers an opportunity for more female leads to become action stars, I'm for it.

The one thing I not sure about is how long is Morgan Freeman's presentation at the beginning of the movie is suppose to be. Compare to the progression in time while Lucy is detained. I swear that must have been the longest and most boring lecture to sit in. It funny when everybody is sitting straight and being attentive.

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It reminds of an episode of Whiskey Media Happy Hour when they were pushing premium subscription hard. I understand Giant Bomb has to pay the bills but I think there are better ways to encourage subscribers to upgrade. I just hope things don't get to this point in the future. Or maybe it has?

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The only newest game I have played this year is MGS V: Ground Zeroes. A majority of the games I have played up to now are the free ones on Playstation Plus. Borderlands 2, Remember Me, Brothers, NBA 2K14, Ico, and Sly Copper: Thieves in time. I got the Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD remastered version. Came to the realization that I have already beaten those games twice ten years ago and stopped playing. I will get back to that one. Then I bought the GotY edition of Skyrim and collectors edition of Killer is Dead on sale.

The games people have mentioned before have cool art styles but for some reason I was not interested in playing them. I never play games on my Mac book. Not many games coming out this fall that I am excited about. I'm curious how Alien: Isolation turns out. 2014 will be the year I get to finish my backlog of games.

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Congratulations @vinny to the newest addition to your family.

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Don't skip class for any reason. If you skip, you fall behind and fail the course.

Ask other classmates which professors to take. There are some professors who are good at their job and are willing to help you out if you need any. Then there are other professor who don't give a shit which you should avoid.

Take summer classes to finish degree faster.

Don't pay tuition with a credit card. Apply for financial aid if your parents can't help pay for school. You get ten years to pay off student loans. If you pay with a credit card and miss payments. You end up paying more in interest and other penalties. If you do get a credit card, pay off the balance immediately. Avoid paying just the minimum. That will drag things out if you do.

Prepare to spend time outside of class to get things done. Whether its studying or working on a project. There is not enough time in class to finish everything.

If you are in a writing intensive course, have someone proof read your work before submitting.

Consult with your academic adviser to know what classes to take and which classes you have taken will transfer. There is no point in wasting money and time taking classes you don't need.

When doing laundry, wash clothes with similar colors separately. Unless you want your socks and underwear to come out blue.

Try to buy used textbook in a fairly good condition. Borrow or rent books if you can. One annoying thing about college is that you have get an expensive book for certain class. Sometime the department that required you to get that book will decide not to use it the next semester. You don't get as much value when you sell it back or they won't take it at all. If you have a book that is relevant to your major or is about a topic you like. You should keep that book unless you really need the money.

Keep a calender and always update it. Pay attention to deadlines and know there will be situations where everything will be due at once. Professor will not be sympathetic to your plight why your assignment was late when you had three other thing due that week.

Don't put things off to the last minute. Things you got away with in high school won't work in college.

Get to know people. Make friends and they might help you out in the future.

It's okay to have a drink and have a good time. Drinking until you pass out and or puke is not fun. Whoever tells you that it does has a serious problem and you should not listen to that person.

I have more but I have gone too long. College is a wonderful experience and you should take advantage of it. I wish you the best of luck. Do the best you can and always ask for help if you get stuck.

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You should see a doctor about that.

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It not surprising how much people ignore or don't pay attention to signage in buildings. The only valid excuses for going to the wrong bathroom if you are in foreign country and don't know the language. Or ... you some kind of weirdo, I don't know. Those type of situations demonstrate why pictograms exist. It is important for an image to communicate an idea without words.

Since we are the topic, something video game related.

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You should play it. It might be a while before Square-Enix gets desperate enough to make an HD version.