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No but I enjoy not having real responsibilities. I don't have kids to take care or mortgage to pay. For me it evens out.

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Butterfly catching and the chocobo races were the only ultimate weapon challenges I was never able to complete. It's lame that getting 0:00 in the chocobo race is a bronze. Dodging lightning can be a little easier if you have the accessory that voids all random encounters. I' m surprised there wasn't a trophy for getting all Rikku's overdrive mixes.

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It was difficult to go back to Screened after the buyout. I really liked the site is it's hey day with Alex and Rorie. It really bugged me that the site kept the old UI. I'm surprised Screened lasted as long as it did in it's current state. If there was a place for the videos and podcasts to be preserved for later use. I would like to visit and appreciate the efforts to the folks who can make that happen.

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The Nike logo on Jeff's shirt should be pixelated. Other than that detail, this is awesome. You did a great job.

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Screen tearing is top of my list. Looking at that make me feel dizzy when it happens too often. A few problems with open world games. Getting stuck in the environment and not be able get out. Third person action games that use a cover system but the environment was not designed with that in mind. An example being GTA IV and V.

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Cuz' real dogs always return with food for the pack.

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So is Capcom going to work on the cutscenes? I get that the cinematics were not done in game but it bugs me how awful they looked in the PSN HD version. Its funny that after all this time, RE4 is being released again. On a separate topic. I was hoping Capcom would bring back the Onimusha series.

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As long as the being first is not a quest. I'm for the return of quests. I was hoping that tracking achievements would make a comeback.

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I assumed a sale would go on during Thanksgiving or Christmas. It did not happen. Was there suppose to be a notification if a subscription is about to expire? I didn't get one. I didn't realize my subscription ran out until I saw ads. Is there going to be new shirts in the store? I was going to save my discount code until then.

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Super Mario Brothers for the NES and Pac-man for the arcade.