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@chaser324 That is awesome work. The music loop makes the game more fun.

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Avoid getting into the friend zone.

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The Quick looks and the podcasts are enough. Video reviews would take away time for Giant Bomb to work on other features. Personally I feel that video reviews are going to be used for by some users who find reading to be a chore.

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  • Demo for Mass Effect 2.
  • First hours of the first Assassins Creed.
  • Controlling Metal Gear Rex then fighting Ray in MGS 4.
  • Wandering around the wasteland in Fallout 3. It didn't matter what direction you where going. You always found something.
  • Changing a diaper and feeding a baby in Heavy Rain.
  • Flying helicopters and driving motorcycles in GTA: Vice City while playing those 80s songs on the radio.
  • Going in the air duct three times to watch Meryl do exercises in her underwear in MGS.
  • Setting the price of hotdogs in Madden NFL 2004 franchise mode.

That is all I can think of off the top of my head for now.

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Silent Hill Downpour or complete some of the trials in MGS: Ground Zeroes. Any game Patrick dislikes for one reason or another. Doesn't happen to have a 2-D art style or is an independent release.

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No but I enjoy not having real responsibilities. I don't have kids to take care or mortgage to pay. For me it evens out.

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Butterfly catching and the chocobo races were the only ultimate weapon challenges I was never able to complete. It's lame that getting 0:00 in the chocobo race is a bronze. Dodging lightning can be a little easier if you have the accessory that voids all random encounters. I' m surprised there wasn't a trophy for getting all Rikku's overdrive mixes.

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It was difficult to go back to Screened after the buyout. I really liked the site is it's hey day with Alex and Rorie. It really bugged me that the site kept the old UI. I'm surprised Screened lasted as long as it did in it's current state. If there was a place for the videos and podcasts to be preserved for later use. I would like to visit and appreciate the efforts to the folks who can make that happen.

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The Nike logo on Jeff's shirt should be pixelated. Other than that detail, this is awesome. You did a great job.