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Not too surprised by this. Notch never struck me as a person that liked the attention he got from Minecraft and all the money it made him. Getting out of Mojang (Which seems like a smart thing, since that studio wasn't going anywhere beyond Minecraft) and taking the money to maybe finance some projects you like, doesn't sound like a bad deal. I hope he sticks around the Swedish indie scene, because people like him inspire others to try their luck at making games.

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  • Divinity: Original Sin
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • Dark Souls II

Yeah, I don't know. This year has been really weak so far. A few solid games, but no real bangers. There are some games I'm looking forward to, but we'll see happens.

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I pitched in a few dollars. Dan moved to SF just two months ago and he's got a new job. A lot of new things are happening in his life and suddenly his home gets invaded. I'd hate for this to be how his new life in SF and GB started. If something good came out of this in the end, I'm all for it.

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Castlevania is another series where artwork can differ a lot between regions. Japan tend to get the best covers consistently and US and EU versions switching place when it comes to good box cover. Lament of Innocence is a good example of how much better the US cover art was compared to EU:

EU on the left. US on the right. Ayami's art has aged very well, which is not something you can say about the 3D model and horrible filters the EU publisher decided to go with. It doesn't even say Lament of Innocence on the cover! The US box cover is so good, I could put it on display. Even if the game isn't that great.

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Everything is subjective I guess, but I never liked the cover we got for Resident Evil 2 in some parts of Europe.

The version on the right is so lazy and cheap looking. They couldn't bother to find a more high-res picture? You'd be forgiven for thinking it's a bootleg case. The font is not as cheezy as the US one though, but this is one of the few times where the US cover for a Resident Evil game is the better one.

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Go for the third option: £24 Steam code with the 20% Off coupon http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/se/en/pc/games/strategy/civilization-beyond-earth/

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I've put some 80 good hours into this game and I've noticed a few things:

  • Boulder Dash is OT as fuck. It has 1 turn cooldown and almost always knock down enemies. The spell has very low level requirements, which seems weird for a spell as game breaking as this.
  • Invisibility is also OT. You can run past every sentinel, steal absolutely everything from everyone without them noticing it. Renders sneaking pointless.
  • If you have 2 mages in your party, I recommend using pyrokinesis/aerotheurge for one mage and geomancer/hydrosophist for the other. Why, you ask? Earth and fire go so well together! Yes, which is why one mage use his/hers turn to cast a fire spell, then the other mage uses his/hers turn to cast an earth spell. This combination makes the most use of both the mage's turns.
  • Never put any points into Nasty Deeds. Bunch of useless abilities.
  • Try to invest in as many buffs and debuffs as you can. If you can't attack with a character, you don't have to waste turns reserving points. Use them for buffing the characters you can use instead.
  • This game is actually called Fire Spell: The Game. Fire is king. Cover the entire ground in fire, put a Fire Shield on your melee character and they will gain health when they run and stand on the burning ground. Fire Shield will even heal explosion damage. Get the enemy to mob up on your melee character and bomb away with those fireball spells. If you have an archer, the skill elemental ranger will grant elemental damage to the arrows based on what element the target is standing on. So if the target is standing on, let's say fire, and your bow makes poison damage, you have explosive arrows. Which is a lot of fun. Also, the effect of high-level poison spells like Deadly Spores on burning ground is RIDICULOUS. So, always be burning.
  • Never sell Tenebrium equipment to regular vendors, unless you want them to die of Rot that is. Sell that stuff to Homestead vendors instead.
  • Crafting is an extremely useful skill. Especially for making arrowheads and combining upgrade materials. Try to get 5 in blacksmith as well. Then you can repair all the equipment without losing any durability. Try to upgrade your equipment. It's very easy and definitely worth it.
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Awesome. Now I don't have to get it for the PS4. I usually prefer the PC version of any multiplatform game that comes out.

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I took an arrow to the leg once. My brother and I were fooling around with bows and arrows and he accidentally got me in the left shin. It was a pretty good hit though and it pierced all the way into the leg and hit the bone. It was literally the first thing I checked, if it had gone through the entire leg. After that I just pulled it out immediately. I didn't actually feel any pain when it happened or when I pulled it out. The pain came after the initial realization of what just happened and when the blood started to pour out. I couldn't walk with my leg straight for 2 weeks.

I also crushed my kneecap once, but I don't actually remember much of that. I played around on top of a wall and fell. I have a big scar on my kneecap as the only evidence that it actually happened.

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MS should use their bribe money to fund more first party development instead.