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Rosangela Blackwell from the Blackwell series.

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This year has been decent. Disappointing compared to last year perhaps, but decent overall. It's been a good year for RPGs. I've played Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin so far and I'm currently going through Dragon Age: Inquisition. I haven't played Legend of Grimrock 2 yet, but I've heard it's pretty good. So yeah, a lot of good RPGs came out this year.

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So this press release is filled with a bunch of nothing really. Will you be able to play the game in singleplayer or not? I don't mind some sort of Steam connectivity, that's fine. But I hate people and I prefer to play alone. If this just turned into some sort of MMO, I'm out.

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Brand another warchief, have him challenge Drugza and you won't have to draw him out. Unlock the ability to perform infinite combo executions for 20 seconds and you shouldn't have any problems with this fool. Warchiefs generally have weak resistance against getting stabbed in the fucking face.

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Wolfenstein: New Order. To the surprise of almost everyone, New Order turned out great. A surprise to everyone except me of course, because I saw this animation from some gameplay footage before release and I KNEW it would be bad as shit.

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Nice! I have already have VC for PS3, but I'd totally buy it again on PC if the port is good. Every Platinum Games and Yakuza title should be on PC as well.

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Nice work burning your entire studio and everyone else with it. Valve have absolutely no reason to do business with someone making death threats against their CEO. I would be surprised if anything by Code Avarice will be distributed on Steam in the future. And maybe you shouldn't call your next employer a "shitty corporation" in your public resignation letter. Grow the hell up.

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Never ignore lockers in Fallout games! Those containers tend to hold most of the desirable loot. Especially the lockers in army depots. The lockers in Navarro Army Base in Fallout 2 for example contains one of the best armors in the game, lots of expensive ammo and guns.

Another fun locker, is this one:

You wouldn't want to hide in this locker, that's all I can say.

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Try playing Resident Evil 6's missions when different stories converge and 2 more AIs join up. The AI is so bad in RE6, they had to make the AI characters invincible. Otherwise, they'd be dead within seconds. As much as I hate that game, I take every opportunity to recommend it. It's simply hilarious in all it's awfulness and the AI is a major part of the reason why.

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Was she really that visible after Assassin's Creed shipped though? She was all over the place to promote that game. But after AC was out, I never saw much of her again. I definitely got the feeling that she didn't want to be a front person like Michel Ancel and continued to work on Ubisoft behind closed doors.

Well if she's leaving to join something much smaller and more creative, I'm all for it. Best of luck.