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A tougher question would be: Which Sega IP hasn't been neglected.

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Aaaaand there it goes! Go Germany! 1-0!

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My Xbox 360 probably. I bought it 2006 and it still works. It was half of what the PS3 cost and I had basically the same selection of games. The accessories were a complete ripoff and it wasn't really thought out properly, but man did I get a lot of running time with that piece of kit.

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Fresh faces! Welcome Dan and Jason! This week's UPF is going to be one of the more exciting in a while. Can't wait to see what these guys will bring.

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I'm always down for partying!

ID: Zlimness

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Eh, Dark Souls II is the only game I've really enjoyed so far and I think Dark Souls is better still. I'm going to play Transistor, Wolfenstein and South Park but there's little I would call GOTY-material so far. Holding my thumbs for Beyond Earth will save this year.

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I think the only natural course for Ubisoft at this point, is to make a free DLC that unlocks the hidden settings at the end of a quest. A secret group of hackers contacts Aiden and tells him he's been living a lie, in a fake world created by an organization called Abstergo. After completing the quest, he wakes up in a machine. He's been connected to the animus the whole time! Then he stumbles out into the real Watch_Dogs without stuttering and better lightning effects. Ubisoft will claim that was the intention all along, so meta, much 4th wall, etc.

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So the questions remains: Why? It's known fact that Ubisoft are terrible at PC optimization. But why would they intentionally make the PC version worse? All the files and settings are already in the game files. And didn't they expect people to find this stuff still in the code? It's a game about hacking after all :V

Maybe they'll pull the old "We didn't have time or resources" again.

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@fattony12000: This is crazy. Anyone tried the patch yet? Good thing I waited before playing this on the PC.

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Here's a video to get the Swedes out there into a more nationalistic mood.