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Finally, a fix for the inventory. It drove me nuts that everything was scattered all over the place and you couldn't sort it. I'm more or less done with the game after 130 hours, but for those of you coming in late, this is an absolute key update to the game.

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I'm surprised so many people are mentioning The Last of Us. I thought I was the only one who thought Naughty Dog should leave that alone. But yeah, TLoU is done and done.

Can Bioshock Infinite be considered the first game in that series? It's a part of the Bioshock-universe but if you exclude the retconning in the DLC Buried at Sea, Infinite has very little to do with the first games. Anyway, making a sequel or even try to do anything more with Infinite is a fool's errand. That story is done.

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So I'll just wait a couple of months for new drivers and patches before buying the game then.

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Yep, liking Austin a lot so far. He isn't afraid to stick his head out there and speak his mind.

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I'm at level 6 and I'm tripping over silver swords. I haven't even repaired a single silver sword. I just pick a new one and use that instead. The amount of loot in this game is crazy. I couldn't tell you where I found the swords, since some rooms contains like 3-4 chests with all sorts of loot. Sometimes there's a silver sword in one of those. Keep exploring those Question Marks.

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Aaaaaand it's funded. I'm definitely putting some money into this myself btw.

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Yeah it's cool that they fixed this and included all the DLC. The save files aren't cross-compatible though :/

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  • Pillars of Eternity: Backed with $20-25, don't exactly remember which package I choose. Don't regret it though. Excellent game.
  • Broken Age: Backed with $20 for a digital copy. Don't regret this one either. A bit short and it's been a while since the first episode was released, but I think it will be remembered as a good adventure game.
  • Broken Sword 5: Backed with $20 for a digital copy. Turned out pretty decent. It's certainly not as memorable as the first game, but a good effort anyway.
  • Massive Chalice: Backed it for the Brad Muir-involvement. I hope it turns out well.
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When you exit the church in the beginning of Bioshock Infinite and you go down with the elevator.

The opening scene in Killzone: Shadow Fall when you're in a helicopter and overlook the city.

The overlook in God of War when you witness Aries's attack on Athens army.

Upon first entering Anor Lando in Dark Souls.