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Wow, this looks awful. But Skip Woods is the writer behind this mess, so I'm not surprised.

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Dan happened. Everything is pretty much a blur after that.

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I have two pair of cans:

Audio-Technica ATH-M50. A lot of quality for the money.

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. I prefer to use these most of the time. These cans are bigger and more comfortable to wear for long sessions.

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Looks fine to me. I'd buy a cooler for the CPU as well. The stock one is kind of bad and it's not a big investment. Might as well save you the trouble now instead of later.

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@theveteran13: My first thought is the 8-pin ETS connector. Sounds like enough power isn't getting through the motherboard.

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Gotta say, I like the art from Wasteland 2 despite being a slightly different version of the original. The original is still fucking awesome though, so I vote for this.

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Definitely agree with you on Dragon Age: Inquisition. After Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2 and Old Republic, Ray and Greg leaving, EA putting Bioware's name on free to play C&C game, Bioware was little more than a sad carcass of it's former self. Because of this, it seemed like there was a consensus that Dragon Age 3 would be complete garbage leading up to the release. Personally, I thought the game looked kind of cool though, like a Japanese RPG a lá Xenoblade. Can't say I had high hopes, but it looked different at least.

When DA:I finally got out, man! Talk about Bioware overcompensating for all those lame ass years after EA bought them. Not only was the gameplay great, but also TONS of content. Good content as well. The NPC interactions are some of the best Bioware has done I think. I wish the combat had a bit more sophistication to it, but you can't really do Baldur's Gate 2 today I guess.

All in all, I get the sense that the people at Bioware really wanted to prove to everyone that Bioware used to mean something. The amount of work put into this game is hard to comprehend. Best of all, it doesn't have that EA stink all over it. I played the entire game without seeing a single character talking about downloadable content. Nothing of importance was locked away. I hope this means Bioware is back. If not, at least they put out something again they can be proud of.

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Bayonetta 2

Crypt of the Necrodancer

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You can make physical backups of all your games on Steam. Not sure how the PS4 and Xbone handles it, though.

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You can get which chipset you want. Whatever advances developers will get out of the AMD chips in the consoles, it will primarily benefit AMD's APUs and not the GPUs. I think AMD's reasoning behind getting into the console game, was to further push their APU agenda on the PC market. They know they can't compete with Intel on raw performance, so they're looking to APUs instead. PC gaming is doing fine when it comes to optimization regardless. We've seen an increasing number of good ports and it's not because of how similiar to PCs the consoles have become. PC gamers are onboard with digital distribution now and publishers make a bigger effort to make sure PC versions work now that people are actually paying for games again. Well, some publishers anyway.

That said, the 970 is the best deal at the moment. If I were to build a PC right now, that's what I would get. When I built the PC I have at the moment, the Radeon 7970 GHz was the best deal. Whatever is the best changes all the time between Nvidia and AMD.