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Too soon brad, or should I say, too late.

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I hope Night Game takes it. Been waiting for that game for awhile now. :)

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kind of like the music for this video... :/

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Damn most of the people at gamevideos have just been laid off, no more 1up yours and 1up show :(

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Loved the first one

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Don't let all this Geoff fame go to your head Davis!

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Im REALLY looking forward to this game. Several times in the past I have contemplated how amazing a game would be set in the depictions of hell seen in Gustave Doré's illustrations. When I saw the title of this game to be shown at the VGAs last night, I was was quite happy. Plus the deadspace team is working on it. Before I knew who was going to be making it, I thought about how important it was for the environment to be cohesive and immersive, like DEADSPACE.

Damn I'm really looking forward to this one.

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"I  like the idea of a virtual environment to meet up with friends and stuff, could be funny, but given its a virtual environment and they could have let there imagination run wild, the environment looks extremely stale, just seems like one of those hyper-commercial beach resorts which are built in 6 months and lack any real character, am I alone in this opinion?"


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This is why we can't have nice things!