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It could be interesting.

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I cant believe this is even a debate, of course its a sandwich. Is a grilled cheese a sandwich? yes. Is a rueben(cornbeef, cheese, sauerkraut, etc) a sandwich? yes.
I think I read a post where some guy said its not a sandwich because it uses a bun instead of bread, LOL what do you think buns are made out of?

Bread + deliciousness + bread = sandwich

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lol its good to see shadowmario already getting owned by the mods

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Before my mp3 player broke I would be in bed or in the bathroom. Now I'm either playing on my 360 or just on the computer

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your pretty brave jon :-*

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To this day I still have fond memories of this game. I go so far as to say it was the first game that I really cared about getting farther in. I remember that triathlon type of event where it had that track race at the end. It took me so long beat, but once I did, I was so hooked with this game. Actually looking back, that game was filled with little secrets and hidden things. Definitely an underrated classic.

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jonb you silly silly man

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Im surprised the cult of rigism or whatever its called hasn't descended on this forum by now.

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The flourishes are what really made this game shine. I love the one where he pulls out the fries and does like a little behind the back move. I always say something like "yo fries!" in a really 70's black guy voice when that happens