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Navigation and categorization could be better

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Last night was great. Super fun. The combination of Patrick losing his mind and the chat making wise cracks about Patrick losing his mind was hysterical and tense all at the same time.

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I want one of those bad boys, bad.

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mad SCOOPS up in here

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I don't even remember what my uplay password is

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I skimmed through the full scenes of Hard Time and Scenes from a Cell. You can find them with a simple google search.

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we don't really know anything about it...

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"Now, we own the exclusive rights to those dreams," he did not add, but I imagine he thought to himself at least once.

lmao Alex I did a double take when I read that quote.

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Great article. I agree with your sentiment about Ebert challenging games. By challenging them, he in some ways treated them more like a legitimate artistic medium then most game reviewers do.

It's time for more game criticism in this industry. No more baby steps. We need more people to fully embrace that approach now. Let the IGNs of the industry(well IGN) do consumer reviewers.

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No way i'm reading this.