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" Jeff looked like he was getting a sick thrill out of that trainwreck and the kissy sendoff and #saveleighalexnader stuff is just to cover his tracks "

or maybe they are actually friends and jeff likes to see drunk crazyness go down
seriously people? covering tracks? damn go out to some parties sometime and live a little.
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I loved every second of it, genuinely.

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a game all about isolation and discover, in an environment rarely used in games, and is made by a company with a proven track record for quality artsy games? YES PLEASE. Im going to need a ps3 at some point.

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Are they going to do full length show floor tour videos?

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Are they going to be doing full length booth tour videos?

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looks damn cool, I like games that can nail isolation

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Nintendo just won E3. I want to play all that stuff and the 3DS is making me super excited for the future of games

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@Cowman said:
" @dudeglove: It's refreshing to see a woman without Brad's face every now and then. "
I had only glanced at the picture and assumed brad's face was on it :D
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I don't like this one. It says to find games that are announced at e3 but in the hint it says find games that THEY THOUGHT would be announced at E3 and some of the ones that work for the quest were announced well before e3!

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I think the 360 slim looks awesome, cool how they gave everyone attending one of them :)