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I just don't like the blobs they seem like really boring enemies to me.

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@LunarAura said:

" Jeff looked like he was getting a sick thrill out of that trainwreck and the kissy sendoff and #saveleighalexnader stuff is just to cover his tracks "

or maybe they are actually friends and jeff likes to see drunk crazyness go down
seriously people? covering tracks? damn go out to some parties sometime and live a little.
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I loved every second of it, genuinely.

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a game all about isolation and discover, in an environment rarely used in games, and is made by a company with a proven track record for quality artsy games? YES PLEASE. Im going to need a ps3 at some point.

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Are they going to do full length show floor tour videos?

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Are they going to be doing full length booth tour videos?

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looks damn cool, I like games that can nail isolation

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Nintendo just won E3. I want to play all that stuff and the 3DS is making me super excited for the future of games

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@Cowman said:
" @dudeglove: It's refreshing to see a woman without Brad's face every now and then. "
I had only glanced at the picture and assumed brad's face was on it :D