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I don't consider cheese a condiment when it comes to burgers. I use ketchup, mustard, and mayo. The variation comes in the type of mustard I use. Also tomato and lettuce if those are considered condiments.

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you know what this means B)

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*waits for all the kiddies to make jokes about jeff and the previous game + the "incident"*

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" Brad Nicholson, be quiet and just report. We don't care what your opinion is on the subject. I actually approve of this. Big, fake tits, hell yes! "

wow first people don't like his straight fact style and now people don't want his opinion :D how bout you STFU :D
As far as the DR2 stuff goes, im not sure how I feel about it. I liked the charm of all fake shit in the first game
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from what I've seen the game doesn't look nearly as hard as splosion

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yes, but how did it make you feel?

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well I never played shenmue 1, I love 2 though

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Well I guess their someone's funniest moments... Good effort though!

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@LtColJaxson said:
" @ZmillA said:
" @mosdl said:
" @teh_destroyer said:
" I forgot about this game, if Alan Wake has taught me anything. Max Payne 3 should be fucking awesome. "
Different developers... "
so was RDR and that turned out great "
I think you missed his point. Alan Wake is made by Remedy and Max Payne 3 is made by Rockstar - they don't coincide to mean that both have to be great games.   Whereas RDR and Max Payne 3 make more sense. "
I see, most preposterous indeed.