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lmao i've found 2 more sites talking about this and both reference this article. HE NEVER SAID "I didn't just say that" 
also there was nothing in his voice that made it sound like he knew he made a mistake proabably because he was just BSing
oh yeah, I asked the question :)

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I asked the question that made him say that twitter name is millatron CHECK MY TWITTER!!!! 
"when are you going to be doing video game voice overs or something? fiddy got like 3 games under his belt!"
that was the question I asked and he answered! I ASKED THE QUESTION!!!!
and he sounded like he just made that up on the spot to me.

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he looks mad generic

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free? and comes with full single player game? and free? yes please

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wow GB comment sections have gone to shit recently :D

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hope its good, I like it when games are good and worth my time and money

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@TadThuggish said:
" It could even be bad and I wouldn't care, as long as it doesn't take crucial development time away from the single player. "
when it comes to unnecessary multiplayer, any time or resources lost is too much IMO
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I wish I preordered :(

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you have a girlfriend that likes water and you don't know how to swim, why not ask her to help you learn?

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