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we don't really know anything about it...

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"Now, we own the exclusive rights to those dreams," he did not add, but I imagine he thought to himself at least once.

lmao Alex I did a double take when I read that quote.

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Great article. I agree with your sentiment about Ebert challenging games. By challenging them, he in some ways treated them more like a legitimate artistic medium then most game reviewers do.

It's time for more game criticism in this industry. No more baby steps. We need more people to fully embrace that approach now. Let the IGNs of the industry(well IGN) do consumer reviewers.

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No way i'm reading this.

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technically J. has to be the right answer

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@dudeglove said:


I lol'd when I saw Ryan

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I thought it was that one!

Thanks a lot!

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In which bombcast does Patrick say something to the effect of:

"No, fish is different"

and then Jeff says:

"Fishes different, man"

I really need to hear that line again. I need it.

I think this happend in response to an email about some dude eating a bunch of shrimp with a buddy in celebration of RE6.

Or it happened when Patrick was talking about some party in which he had lots of shrimp left over.

Jeff had said something about not liking seafood and some brought up shrimp. and then eventually the above lines were said


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I found that guy's 1 star Halo review due to a tweet by

"BenKucheraHalo 4 had a 90 on Metacritic the last time I checked. Then an outlet gave it a 20 percent score. Now it's at an 88. Seems legit, all around"

I found the site, deemed it not worth my time and just left assuming the guy/site was just doing it for clicks.

After Mr. K put it up here, I went ahead and read the review and while the guy makes some good points, giving the game a 1/5 still seems crazy. I read his link on how he reviews games which sort of explains that his reviews aren't objective and are just his opinion. All I have to say is that anyone that would give Halo 4 a 1/5 is not someone who's reviews I would take seriously.

He mentions that he doesn't use the 100 point scale because to most, 70% is average. On a 5 point scale, 2.5 being average, he is stating that Halo 4 is all the way on the lower end. Well below average. If you can play a game like Halo 4, and deem it that far below average and actually just plop it down in the shitty game category, something is very wrong.

Patrick is right in saying that his opinion isn't wrong because opinions on how much someone likes something can't be wrong. BUT! I can say that his opinion is so far from mine that it seems stupid to me. My opinion is that this guy can write and make valid points but he has no idea how to use his own 5 point scale. Basically, I won't be returning to that site.

Also, he mentions that he gave Journey a 2/5. That alone would have me steer clear of his opinions on games. Journey was fucking awesome.

So ignore the dumb number at the bottom of the review. That's why Jeff stated that he hates rating systems, and this guy does too. I thought he raised valid points about Halo 4, and most of the people who don't like his review hate it because "other people said it was good and I disagree with him"- much like you did with your little Journey comment at the end there.

The dude said he gave it a 1 star because it did nothing well and took out some game modes he liked. Sounds like a 1 to me.

Asking me to "ignore the dumb number at the bottom of the review" doesn't work because that number is the conclusion statement to his entire review. He also goes into detail that he specifically hates the 100 point scale due to only the top end ever being used. I didn't read anywhere anything about him hating the 5 point system he uses, and even if he did, the fact remains that he does use it, and it conveys his opinion on the game in a X out of 5 scale.

I agree with you and even said in my comment that he makes some good points. I don't hate his review, I just don't agree with his opinion. We obviously have a huge difference in what we find enjoyable in games which was what the last comment I made about Journey was. I found Journey to be one of the best gaming experiences I had this year while he found it to be below average. Not "other people said it was good and I disagree with him". Just "I disagree with him". If someone tells me that Big Trouble in Little China was a shitty movie, I will no longer care about their opinions in movies. If someone says Journey was below average, I will no longer value what they think about video games.

The dude gave it 1 star, Jeff gave it 4. I personally value Jeff's opinion way more than I do this guy who seems to have opinions about a lot of games I don't share. If you haven't played the game and have read both his and Jeff's reviews and decide that the 1 star review is more to your style, that's your business. On a game I haven't played, I'll listen to any reviewer on this site over that guy. But he did make some valid points.

If you don't share his opinion, you don't share it, but that doesn't invalidate it.

I don't recall ever saying that his opinion is invalid. If there are people who share his opinion that Halo 4 is as bad a game as a game can get, then I'd rather not hear their opinion either because I'll think they are similarly crazy. The more I think about it, the more I feel like he prolly did stick the 1/5 just for the sake of controversy because it literally sounds crazy to me that anyone could label Halo 4 as the lowest rung on their scale. If someone tells me a game is 1/5, I take it to mean that it's garbage and not worth my time. I enjoyed the game, and so I can have the opinion that his opinions are useless to me.

I'm really wierded out right now. Are you saying that you agree with his opinion? Or are you just sorta white knighting where it's not necessary because I'm not really attacking the dude, just sayin I don't agree with him.

I've enjoyed reading your posts in this chain. Your stance on this is very reasonable.

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I like how the review is still not out. Didn't ryan stay home one day just to play the game? Jeff needs to get his managerial shit together.